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Is it safe to open futures with Flush??

2022-11-24 23:09:50Koufu Q&A

Is it safe to open futures with Flush??

Accept answer 1:
Hello, Flush Futures is a third-party software, and it is possible to open an account on it, and the security is no problem, but the handling fee is very high, generally 2-5 times that of the exchange, which is still very high.If you are recommended to contact your account manager for futures account opening business, you can apply for preferential handling fees, which can greatly reduce your own transaction costs. Saving transaction costs is also a disguised form of profit. Most varieties can be profitable in less than one point, allowing your own transactionsmore convenient.

Account opening process:
1. Download the APP of the selected futures company on the mobile phone, register an account and log in, and apply for account opening;
2. Follow the prompts to fill in personal information and submit the required materials;
3. Fill out the risk questionnaire and pass the assessment;
4. Conduct a video review and wait for the account to be issued after passing;
5. Sign the bank contract after receiving the account;
6. Funds are injected into the account, and transactions can be carried out on the next day.

The above is a brief introduction to opening a Flush futures account. Although opening a futures account is simple, there are still many places that need to be closed.Well, the futures manager can not only help you apply for preferential handling fees, but also assist you in dealing with various problems encountered in the transaction, as well as risk warnings, so that you can avoid detours during the transaction process, add WeChat appointments for account opening, and wish you a happy investment

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