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Five Traits of Successful Digital Transformation CIOs

2022-11-24 23:09:41Software Testnet

Many CIOs know,Businesses need to develop and grow in this dynamic world,Flexibility and agility are a must.Chaos in the workplace、Business model shift、operating model changes andITChanges in Delivery Models,Both force a fundamental shift in the activities and responsibilities of the CIO.All of this also creates opportunities for CIOs to expand their executive leadership capabilities.

A CIO must possess some key characteristics,To lead and implement digital transformation.The opportunities to expand technology leadership are endless,Because people continue to create new value through digitization.CIOs looking to expand their reach should have the following5digital leadership traits.

(1)保持好奇:Have a tendency to like new things,Love to explore new things

New things are attractive to the curious,They seek to explore and discover new ways to create value.

Curious people welcome other people to come up with different ideas,These ideas are different from the past,This is a critical component of any successful digital transformation.The curious will ask:“what we want to achieve?”而不是“我们有什么?”,negates the current hypothesis.Its ultimate goal drives solving seemingly complex problems.

Effective CIOs also enjoy innovation,They tend to be highly creative,That is, the ability to connect seemingly unrelated domains.

(2)开发新机会:Commit to inventing but also copying

Digital leaders are not always inventing and innovating.事实上,Successful digital leaders clearly understand what sets their businesses apart,where it can be reproduced,Where should improvise.

Successful digital leaders are selective,can bring greater advantages、Double down on specific areas that accelerate value delivery.In areas where no clear advantage can be seen,Digital champions copy and improvise based on established methods.Ineffective leaders lack focus,Innovation is often everywhere.

(3)Open up new opportunities:Beyond industry boundaries

GartnerCompanies refer to this leadership trait as “digital dragon”,They actively seek value beyond any particular industry,And create entirely new industries while redefining the value of any industry they pursue,This leadership characteristic is manifested.Strategies and digital adoption plans are often simply the result of disruptive thinking in the marketplace.

The threats that effective digital leaders see are not necessarily clear-cut,And maintain a clear vision of the future of the industry when making decisions,Rather than thinking of the industry as static or unchanging.

(4)Seek new value creation opportunities:Never think that digitization is the result

Successful digital leaders get it,Digitization is a means not an end,Simply going digital doesn't necessarily add value.事实上,There may also be a reduction in value.

Digital technology tools may have changed the way people work,or changes in the products and services offered,Either by extending the life cycle of the product、Add numeric functions,Or provide goods as services.

before implementing digital tools,需要考虑产品/The logic behind the service value proposition.Ask how digital offerings can drive customer-centric business outcomes、Greater market share and increased revenue.Use digitization to enhance your business' value proposition,Such as on-demand services、超个性化、Dynamic pricing and real-time applications.

(5)Focus on technology-driven opportunities:钻研技术

Successful leaders have a deep understanding of the technology behind their business.Without understanding what technology can or cannot do,Then extracting value from technology is a challenge.

CIOs need to create a technology-rich environment,And this is interactive、Collaborative and customized environment.They should pay attention to the development of technology,It is also an important way to stay innovative and relevant in a crowded and competitive business environment.

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