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Is Jintai Futures a regular futures company? Is the fund safe?

2022-11-24 23:09:30Koufu Q&A

Is Jintai Futures a regular futures company? Is the fund safe?

Accept answer 1:
Hello!Jintai Futures is a formal futures company with very safe funds. Let’s take a look at the company introduction. Jintai Futures Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangsu Suwu Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.) is a professional futures company established in September 1995.It is a professional futures platform under Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group Co., Ltd., the largest provincial enterprise in Jiangsu Province.The company is headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu.

Most of Jintai Futures open accounts online. Online account opening is convenient and fast, and there is no geographical restriction. Before opening an account, investors need to prepare some materials: personal ID card, bank card, handwritten signature photo.It takes 15-20 minutes to complete the process operation.

Next, let's take a look at the specific process of Jintai Futures account opening, so that we can know the rules before opening an account and prepare well:
1. Download the futures account opening APP on your mobile phone, register and log in
2. Upload front and back photos of ID card
3. Fill in personal information, upload bank card photos and improve bank information
4. Confirmation of contract terms, manual video review (keep the environment quiet)
5. Digital certificate verification, and submit confirmation application
6. The online steps are over, waiting for the return call and the account opening success message
7. After receiving the text message, you can start to deposit money

Advantages of account opening of Jintai Futures Company: low service fee standard in the industry, no capital threshold, independent multi-channel trading software, program trading is comprehensive, and enjoys special discounts for large accounts. If you want to do futures, please contact me by phone or WeChat, a pairOne service can be handled online free of charge, and it can be handled in a short time.

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