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Top 10 Leadership Theories Every Manager Should Master in 2023

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Leadership theory to explain how and why the particular individual to be leaders.They emphasize the personality traits and action may be taken by people to improve their leadership skills.Leaders believe is essential to the effective leadership of top quality including:

  • Strong moral principles and ethics
  • 优秀的组织能力
  • Good learner
  • Employees are encouraged to develop
  • To encourage the subordinate relations and contact

根据研究,Leaders from around the world think that these qualities are the most important.Leader leadership theory to help clarify how to use and develop these qualities.Leadership theory has recently been compiling more,This makes them easier to understand in practice、讨论和评估.

What is leadership theory?

Leadership theory describes how and why some people to be leaders.On the characteristics and behavior of people can take,In order to improve their leadership skills.It seems to a leader,Strong moral and noble moral standards are basic qualities a good leader.

What makes an honest leader?

A successful leader has personality、勇敢、Clear vision and ambition.A strong leader by encouraging the team to play at the highest level to create organizational success.

Good leaders the basic leadership skills:

  • Understanding the way support.Supportive leaders can come into contact with their staff,For their choice、Team player as well as the plan and tactics of skilled communicator transparency.
  • Have empathy and show
  • 保持沟通渠道畅通
  • 能够做出决定
  • 有效规划
  • 合作.

Need to know the ten main leadership theory

1. Transaction theory and management theory

在工业革命期间,This theory is developed in order to improve the productivity and.This is a method of leadership,Emphasis on the values of hierarchy system to improve the efficiency of organization.The management personnel attaches great importance to the structure,And using their powers to enforce rules,To motivate employees to play the best performance.根据这一理念,Workers are rewarded for achieve its stated goals and.The concept is also on the premise of workers must abide by the management instruction.

The practice of transactional leadership manager will pay close attention to their employees,To ensure that they get rewarded for milestone reached,And when they can not meet the requirements by the disciplinary action.然而,These executives do not trigger the expansion of the company.相反,They focused on maintaining the organization's policy and standard,To make sure everything goes according to plan.

Transactional leadership practice leader:

  • Aimed at the recent goals.
  • Standardized processes and regulations support
  • 最近的更改
  • Stop original thoughts
  • Emphasis on their own interests
  • Encourage the performance

When there is a clear statement of the challenge and main goal is to complete a job,Transactional leadership effect is very good.

2. The changing theory

According to the theory of transformation of management,The relationship between the leader and staff can help organizations.This leadership theory is that,Effective leaders will motivate employees beyond their ability.Leader for team members to develop vision and inspire them to achieve it.

Transformational leader can improve morale and employee motivation,This will help them perform better at work.These managers encourage staff is their action rather than words,Because they are good at setting an example.

Practice of transformational leadership leaders:

  • 自我管理
  • 树立榜样
  • Attaches great importance to the interaction
  • In the work initiative
  • 促进员工发展
  • Willing to accept new concept
  • 抓住机会,做出艰难的选择

In contrast to the transactional leader,Transformational leader priority failure process,And gathered together harmoniously staff to achieve the common goal of enterprise.此外,Effective executives give priority to organizations and their employees demand,Rather than their own.

3. Contingency theory

According to the contingency hypothesis,There isn't a right way to manage an organization.Determine leadership organization achieve the best strategy depends on the internal and external factor.According to the contingency theory,The right candidate should fit the right scenario.

According to the contingency theory,The following factors affect the leadership style:

  • 管理方法
  • 工作速度
  • Organizational policy and culture
  • Staff spirit
  • Employees of maturity
  • The relationship between the colleague or team members
  • 组织目标
  • The work environment and daily work

Help organizations to achieve its goal of management strategy in certain situations is determined by the leader.

根据这种观点,Situation to determine whether a leader effective.Explained the idea,No matter how successful leaders,Will always appear with a difficult situation.它强调,Leaders realized conditions combined with their ability to,Have certain effect on their achievements.

4. 情境理论

Similar to the contingency theory,This view emphasizes the importance of the situation,And that leaders should adapt to the changing situation in order to realize the goal and make a judgment.Team members' ability and dedication to affect these leaders choose leadership.

情境领导,According to the theory of situation:

  • Establish contact with staff
  • 鼓励员工
  • Realized that in certain situations when to replace the leadership idea
  • The development team and organizational units

The thought also distinguish between four main leadership styles:

  • 讲述:The manager direct employees need to do and how to do.
  • 销售:Team members were persuaded to adopt the concept of leader or idea.
  • 参与:Effective leaders encourage their team members to actively participate in problem solving and decision making process.
  • 委派:Limit their participation,Leaders in most of the work to the team.These leaders to team's decision,But they are ready to listen to advice.

The theory is a list of some basic characteristics of situational leadership,Such as the ability to solve the problem、信任、适应性、Insight and guidance.

5. 伟人理论

One of the earliest leadership theory assumes that these qualities are born,This suggests that leaders are born,Rather than creating,Is unable to learn.The hypothesis asserts that leaders have some innate human traits,例如:

  • 魅力
  • 毅力
  • 智慧
  • 大胆
  • 自信
  • 上诉

This view highlights the fact that,The individual cannot be taught to become effective leaders.This is a kind of either you have or not the quality of the.These capabilities are naturally,So you can't learn them, or to accept the training.

此外,The idea that,These leadership qualities with the passage of time is constant,适用于所有组织,Whether these leaders employed in what kind of environment.Outstanding leader, in need of idea is that the leadership ideology of another principle.

6. Trait theory

Great man theory of leadership trait theory extension,The theory is based on effective leader with a certain personality traits and behavior characteristic point of view.Because of these qualities,In many cases, they can become effective leaders.It also promotes the view that,That some people more than others leaders are born with talent.Effective hobbies and personality characteristics with the leaders of different.

The main characteristic of successful leaders is:

  • 情绪平衡
  • To admit his responsibility
  • 能力
  • 识别障碍
  • Thinking in action
  • Motive power
  • Professionals
  • Toughness and flexibility
  • Safely to make a decision

In the leadership idea, with the help of,You can learn more about your limitations and advantages.然后,You can try to strengthen your weaknesses.Many organizations characteristics method is used to choose the leadership positions ideal person.

7. 行为主义理论

根据这种观点,A person's leadership ability is the product of environment.Different study-oriented personnel contributes to the effective management of the.Behavior idea that,Leader's formation and training,而不是天生的,This is the opposite of leadership models.换句话说,The leader's performance is not affected by its inherent characteristics of,Because leadership qualities is driven by the behavior.With the right training and coaching,Anyone has the ability to be a leader.

根据该理论,In order to improve the team's output and morale,Managers should pay attention to your behavior.The theory according to its recognized leadership style, managers can be divided into the following categories:

  • Centering on the task manager
  • People-oriented leader
  • Leader of indifference
  • Effective leaders
  • Autocratic authority
  • The authorities
  • Reliable leader
  • 精明的商人
  • Dad's boss
  • The country club head

Using behavioral theory to assess building professionals、The team leader or any skilled leader's leadership style is very simple.

8. 行为理论

The behavior of the behavior of leadership theory focuses on the leader,And that other leaders can imitate similar behavior.Because sometimes it is known to all,Design theory is that successful leaders also can be teachable behavior to cultivate,而不是天生的.The behavior of the model in the leadership behavior theory has been widely emphasized;该理论认为,Observe the behavior of leaders is a measure of its leadership success degree.Behavior rather than learning hypothesis emphasizes behavior.Consistent with this view,Observable behavior patterns are classified as“领导风格”.Task oriented leader、Club leaders、People-oriented leader、Authoritarian leaders、Status quo of the leader, and so on is one type of leadership style some example.

9. 功能理论

The function of leadership theory emphasizes how the job or organization are led by,Who not to be formally appointed as a leader.In functional leadership approach,To complete the task of power is a collection of people behavior but not a man to support.

10. Comprehensive psychological theory

Comprehensive leadership may be a new style of leadership,Encourage cross obstacles to cooperation,In order to promote the common interests.It combines rooted in five important leadership theory and technology in the field of social:工业、政府、非营利组织、The media and community.

Why it is important to leadership theory?

Leadership theory describes how and why certain people develop into a leader.They stress behavior and personality traits may be taken by people to improve their leadership skills.Leaders believe is essential to the effective leadership of top quality including:Strong moral principles and ethics

There is no need for too much emphasis on the importance of leadership.The success of any organization is likely to be the leader of the results.Due to its leadership,Even countries also implements the independent、扩张、Prosperity and power.Effective leadership is the enterprise or the industrial organizational success and expand another thing.

What is leadership style?

Below is Ohio university personnel research committee according to five kinds of leadership style:

  • 官僚
  • 独裁者
  • 外交官
  • 专家
  • 四分卫

Application of the theory of leadership in the workplace

Points out that the leadership in the office 10 种方法:

  • 成为思想领袖
  • Join professional company
  • 考虑大局
  • 积极主动地思考
  • Listen to others and get tips from them
  • With the aim to connect
  • 寻找导师
  • Accept diversity.

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