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【AD22】Set the schematic paper size

2022-11-24 23:07:52Evenurs

1. Phenomena

The paper size of the new schematic file is too small to add or draw larger devices.

Second, requirements

The paper size can be adjusted freely.

3. Operation

3.1 Open any schematic file

3.2 Double-click the edge of the paper

3.3 Call up the Properties tab

3.4 Adjust Page Options tab parameters

Two settings are provided, the first is to set the paper type, which is convenient for printing; the second is to freely set the inch size.

3.4.1 Set paper size

3.4.2 Setting inches

3.5 Close the Properties tab

Fourth, check

For diagonal distance measurement on drawings, please refer to the previous article "【AD22】Schematic distance measurement method", the results are as follows:

The paper size meets the setting, and the actual grid space size of the drawing is reduced.

V. Summary

In AD22, some functions are removed from the head tab and changed to a mode triggered by clicking a special area. Some function tabs are moved to the right side bar, and the Chineseization effect is not comprehensive, so it is easy to ignore moreSetting parameters.

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