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Matching Game, the first match-3 mini-game in the Web3 field, nearly 30 transactions exceeded 8 million U

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The < div> currently, Matching Game GameFi area are the first three types of diabetes type light game, as a veteran based on block chain leisure game, it adopts the combination of combat and matching selection mechanism, make the game more competitive and fun, to provide users with a revolutionary GameFi experience, at the same time on the Internet and mobile device can be used.< / div>< br>< div> Matching Game team in the past have strong ability of Game development, participated in, live for hundreds of thousands of product design and development.Matching Game main users are now concentrated in southeast Asia and the Middle East, although the market as a whole is still in a bear market cycle, but & have spentMatching Game In widely market focus after being launched, data display, data over the past 30 days, platform 250000 unique users, total platform trading more than $8 million, interaction number more than 20 million times.So & have spentMatching Game The game under the background of the current market, maintained a strong currency is very valuable.While focusing on GameFi The circuit, the current Matching Game The data also far above the same Axie Infinity.< / div>< br>< div> whether past chain of Kings Axie  swim;Infinity, or shortly before the hot ones & have spentStepN, failed to survive in the current bear market, the former days to live, income are cliffs drop, once lost, while the latter NFT running shoes floor price decline is generally around 90%.So we see that the chain track is welcoming a new round of shuffling, and conform to the public expectations and game habits, and have potential & have spentWeb3 & have spentSocial attributes of the light, or will become a new trend, the track some twitter famous & have spentKOL Has also expressed such views.< / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< div> Matching Game On the design of the game model have such trend in the first place, it is three types of diabetes game model, develop a game model in & have spentGameFi The practice of the plate, and is leading the trend of agitation is confirm (data), and with the improvement of market is expected to further GongHuo for development of this kind of game.< / div>< br>< div> this paper will with Matching Game As an example, further explains why a bear market, Matching Game To succeed, and become a hot style chain swim in a short time.< / div>< br>< div> three types of diabetes, a game model, to & have spentMatching Game With the addition of < / div>< div> Matching Game In the traditional "eliminate" the three types of diabetes play as the main game model, and on this basis to further enrich the game elements, players through the three types of diabetes the rules of the game simple and easy-to-use, low threshold to earn profits, swim for the chain itself gives higher playability. Matching Game Itself covered by the group of players is relatively abundant, the game allows players to 0 0 consumption lu and through playing games to earn profits, and players can through the investment and game, earn far higher than 0 lu player, any player can be found in line with their own position in the ecology.< / div>< br>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< div> it is understood that in & have spentMatching Game The economic model of the game, players can get daily income is relatively safe and stable, this for many players in a bear market is irresistible.< / div>< br>< div> three types of diabetes type of the game itself is a game after years market support plate, this kind of game has higher acceptance, whether young or not young, is this kind of potential players of the game.With data report shows that a single user scale up to 800 million passengers, three types of diabetes games and from the perspective of the distribution of age, three types of diabetes is focused on the game users ages 35 to 54 years old, at the same time, the middle-aged and old user also has a strong 'willingness to pay, on games and three types of diabetes, in all the channels App user scale, active rate, sticky at the top of the user.And from a gamma ray data research of casual games, < / div>< div> 74.8% prefer to eliminate class game, and the three types of diabetes game market scale has reached $3.76 billion, is a very vast blue ocean market < / div>< div>, so & have spentMatching Game The selected track this game is very has the potential and popular.< / div>< br>< div> three types of diabetes the advantages of games is that the cost of learning game is extremely low, thus making the game reduced barriers to entry, and can more easily to enjoy games, although the three types of diabetes play a simple game itself, but to understand difficult, have quite a challenging and interesting.So this kind of game playability is the model itself, from the game players can find and enjoy fun games, immersive experience.At the same time, 0 threshold of free participation to earn (Free to Earn), & have spentMatching Game Is different from traditional & have spentThe characteristics of three types of diabetes game or & have spentGameFi Bring its advantages, this advancement of ideological & have spentMatching Game An edge on competition, & have spentMatching Game Not only to face & have spentWeb3 & have spentAttractive, Web2 & have spentPlayers will also be able to lower the threshold of involved and become sticky, loyal users.From & have spentGameFi Point of view, Web2 & have spentPlayers should become the main users of the plate in the future, they have more focused on the game itself, and has the quite mature game view, values and consumption capacity, and & have spentMatching Game Is this trend.< / div>< br>< div> Matching Game Based on three types of diabetes further expand outward play game model, into the fight and matching selection mechanism, to further obtain earning opportunities with the game for players to choose, multi-level game design, is expected to let players in the game through the game to get a sense of achievement, further has made its own drive, over the repeated game content (three types of diabetes gameplay) aesthetic fatigue.< / div>< br>< div> and so on the selection and design of a game model, Matching Game Is very successful and has the trend and potential.< / div>< div> the Matching Game After constructing the base of ecological early, also is expected to introduce & have spentWeb3 & have spentCreates a link between social attributes, for players to resonate, for ecological building new game condensed dimensions, and create a have & have spentSocialFi Properties of & have spentWeb3 & have spentEcological game, this also is up & have spentMatching Game Game players and the expectations of potential players, three types of diabetes play is a potential game circuit, & have spentMatching Game For the first time this kind of game model & have spentGameFi And to develop games model and so on carries on the depth of fusion and complementary.< / div>< br>< div> Matching Market progress of the Game show, the games are recognised by industry highly < / div>< div> l < / div>< div> game online Smart Finance Gamefi The Pool < / div>< div> Matching Game Are highly recognized by the industry, at present & have spentMatching Game After Smart Finance community vote, officially became the top chain swim ecological Smart  DAO;Finance Gamefi Pool, Pool for guns one of gold project, and further cooperation.< / div>< br>< div> Smart Finance is a focus on the game and the NFT product strategy agreement, also called GameFi, automatically NFTFi machine pool, can in an automated way to calculate power switch to higher yields of products in the process of gold mining, its value is created for the user than a single product mining higher yields.Smart Finance income, from the community in the form of DAO after voting online Gamefi Pool GameFi game, the online auditing mechanism for game requirements more stringent, previously Smart Finance has been involved in AXS, Stepn, Hooked, and other popular to swim in order to obtain continuous returns.< / div>< br>< div> l < / div>< div> the game through the MATCH online & have spentGate < / div>< div> Matching Game After the game online, launched a game card to MATCH, the syndrome is the incentives within the ecological tong, at the same time over the whole card, the MATCH will be in Beijing time 12:00 on November 25, online exchange & have spentThe Gate, and in the near future will also be launched Kucoin.This means that the MATCH tokens will have the external market circulation scenario, players will also be able to send P2E their profits, further boost the confidence of the community, at the same time & have spentMatching Game Ecology is officially launched.< / div>< br>< div> from & have spentMatching Game Data point of view, the chain to explore in the field of swimming is very successful. Matching Game As after & have spentGameFi era, representative ecological game, 0 lu design trend and more advanced, it is on the premise of not change traditional players game used, further attract & have spentWeb2 & have spentLoyal players as a user, viscous and & have spentWeb3 & have spentGame players potential container, and the traditional game to GameFi excessive a structure connecting ecosystem and individuals, to provide reference.

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