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Are the funds in the futures account safe?Which company is good for opening an account?

2022-11-24 22:48:31Koufu Q&A

Are the funds in the futures account safe?Which company is good for opening an account?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, the funds in the futures account are safe. As long as the futures account is opened by a formal futures company, the funds will be managed by the bank. It is recommended that the account opening company choose a top-ranked AA futures company, such as Guotai Junan, Galaxy Futures, Yongan Futures, GuangfaFutures, CITIC Futures, Orient Securities Futures, Huatai Futures, Nanhua Futures, COFCO Futures, China Securities, these ten futures companies were just selected by the Futures Association in September 2022, and they are all AA-level, CTP trading channels;

Before opening an account, you need to prepare: the original second-generation ID card, a bank card with the same name as the ID card, open a mobile futures account, download the special account opening APP or futures account opening cloud for futures companies, prepare your ID card and bank savings card, and fill in personal information, fill in the risk assessment and video testimonial, the account opening process can be completed in about 15 minutes, and the account can be opened on the same day.

The account opening process is as follows:
1. Find a regular futures company first, and contact the futures manager inside to make an appointment to open an account.
2. According to the guidance of the account manager, download the software of the account opening company, fill in the real information according to the prompts and submit.
3. After filling in and submitting the information, there will be a video identity verification for a few minutes with the account opening post of the futures company.
4. After the video is over, follow the prompts to download the digital certificate, sign the agreement, and follow the online return visit step by step.
5. Wait for the account number issued by the account opening review personnel. Generally, if you open an account in the morning, you can get the account number on the same day, and you can get the account number on the next day at most.
6. After getting the account number, sign the bank futures contract
7. After the signing is successful, you can deposit and trade

Add one more point, the futures market fluctuates greatly, do not operate heavily, set a reasonable stop profit and stop loss, do not resist orders, do not follow the trend, maintain a good attitude, and trade rationally. I wish you smooth investment!

The above answers to the security of futures account funds, I hope it can help you, if you still don't understand, you can click to add WeChat, 24 hours online, welcome your free consultation!

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