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Learn this recruit, let you save the rain "ghost"

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long rainy days,In the view of photography, such a seasonal environment,It's all difficult weather.For this more complex weather environment,easy to shoot“废片”的问题,Uncle studied a set of post-production universal tone series to save waste films.Today let's look at belongs to rainy day joker dark wind.

First look at a group of street photographers Craig Whitehead 拍摄的《Pedestrians in the rain》

The sense of the city on a rainy day,it is cold,寂静的!Coupled with dark tones,氛围感极强.

看到这里,I believe that some friends will ask questions,Will this type of coloring be difficult??uncle to tell you,并不难,Learn today's content,I believe all of these will be solved!

1.  适用范围


下雨天,city ​​streets,Everywhere you can see passers-by holding umbrellas in a hurry,这样的瞬间,Presumably many guys have taken pictures,That simple and mediocre casual shot,Can through the late toning to life?

Recently, I also used my mobile phone to take some street photos on rainy days,Performed a similar stylized color palette,Today's article uses these most common hand-held shots as examples to analyze,Explain to you how to save through the later stage“废片”.




在后期修图时,Everyone still has to remember not to rush to modify the various parameters of the photo,Instead, we must first analyze the tone and color relationship of the original film.,It is clear that the color style we want to adjust is mainly dark black.

From the original picture below,主要发现以下问题:Black and white and gray level is not strong、The picture is comparative weak、Color saturation needs to be reduced to go in the direction of black.

针对这几个问题,I made the following adjustments to the photo.

The editing software used this time is still Lightroom 手机版.

话不多说,Enter the detailed operation steps below:

#add contrast,mention details

第一:The original film is not clear,The picture level is too flat,weak details,So we need to increase the contrast to highlight the overall details.

第二:The light and shadow effect is not obvious,Add highlights and white levels to brighten the picture.

第三:Reduce shadows and blacks,Make the dark areas of the screen darker,Strong contrast with bright light.

The specific parameters are adjusted according to the actual situation of different screens.

In order to further increase the texture of the picture,我们还利用 RGB Curve Adjustment Tool,拉出 s 型,Enhance the contrast between light and dark again.

# uniform color tendency

第一:降低自然饱和度,avoid bright colors.

第二:利用 hsl The tool reduces the saturation of cool colors such as blue and cyan(重点).

第三:Increase orange saturation,highlight warm colors,Avoid single color screen.

# Enhance the atmosphere of the picture

第一:Increase clarity and dehaze,Make detailed atmosphere was further improved(highlight raindrops).

第二:Vignette reduction,The periphery is darkened to highlight the center of the screen.

# 完成导出

via copy-paste function,Apply the adjusted parameters to other photos,fine tune a small part,You can complete a group of photos with a unified tone and style!

█city ​​street

Through the above color,We can also in another street“废片”中进行处理.


This is a very ordinary street photo,Looked from the raw,主要发现以下问题:Black and white gray levels are not obvious、The color of the screen is messy,Distorted architectural perspective.



# add contrast,mention details

第一:清晰度不高,The picture level is too flat,weak details,Add details to enhance contrast.

第二:降低高光、白色色阶,Restoring sky details,避免过曝.Increase the shadow to make the details of the dark part stand out.

再次调整 RGB 曲线,拉出 S 型,Further enhance the screen contrast,Lower left shadow part improved,Can avoid the dark part of the dead black.

# uniform color tendency

第一:通过调整 HSL 部分,remove other color saturation,Keep the warm part of the headlights in the picture,Make the color of the picture more unified.

第二:Using Posterization,Add cool colors to highlights and shadows,Let the color tend to be cooler overall.

# Enhance the atmosphere of the picture

Increase the part of de-hazy details,Improve the overall atmosphere of the screen again(重点).

# Adjust picture distortion

The perspective of the original building is distorted,This is a problem we often encounter when shooting street scenes,So we can import the color-graded photos into another software Snapseed correct in.

# 完成导出

Photos used in this article,They are all ordinary casual photos in daily life,With simple post-adjustment,can also save“废片”,repair a different feeling,It can be seen that the later stage of learning has its charm.

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