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MUR1100 MUR1100 ASEMI - fast recovery diode

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MUR1100 adopts 1 chip in DO-41 package, its size is 50MIL, it is a fast recovery diode.The surge current Ifsm of MUR1100 is 35A, the leakage current (Ir) is 10uA, and the temperature resistance range of MUR1100 is -55~150 degrees Celsius.MUR1100 is made of GPP silicon chip material, which consists of 1 chip.The electrical parameters of MUR1100 are: forward current (Io) is 1A, reverse withstand voltage is 1000V, forward voltage (VF) is 1.75V, reverse recovery time (trr) is 75NS, and there are 2 leads.

MUR1100 parameter description

Model: MUR1100

Margin: DO-41

Feature: Fast Recovery Diode

Electrical parameters: 1A 1000V

Chip material: GPP silicon

Forward current (Io): 1A

Number of chips: 1

Forward Voltage (VF): 1.75V

Chip size: 50MIL

Inrush current Ifsm: 35A

Leakage current (Ir): 10uA

Reverse recovery time (trr): 75NS

Working temperature: -55~+150℃

Number of leads: 2

MUR1100 plug-in package series.Its body length is 5.2mm, plus pin length is 56.0mm, width is 2.7mm, height is 2.7mm, and foot width is 0.9mm.

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