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ASEMI fast recovery diode FR257 parameters, FR257 volume, FR257 size

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ASEMI fast recovery diodeFR257Parameters:

Model: FR257

Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM): 1000V

Maximum RMS bridge input voltage (VRMS): 700V

Maximum DC blocking voltage (VDC): 1000V

Maximum average forward rectified output current (IF): 2.5A

Peak forward surge current (IFSM): 100A

Typical thermal resistance (ReJA) per component: 30℃/W

Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range (TJ, TSTG): -55 to +150℃

Maximum instantaneous forward voltage drop (VF): 1.3V

Maximum DC reverse current (IR): 5uA

Typical Junction Capacitance (CJ): 60pF

Maximum reverse recovery time (trr): 500NS

FR257 size:

Margin: R-3

Total length: 54.9mm

Body length: 4.1mm

Lead length: 25.4mm

Width: 4.1mm

Height: 4.1mm

Foot width: 1.1mm

FR257 Features:

Low cost construction

Quick switch for high efficiency

Low reverse leakage

High forward surge current capability

Guaranteed High Temperature Soldering: 260°C/10sec/.375 (9.5mm) lead length at 5 lbs (2.3kg) tension

FR257 mechanical data:strong>

Shell: Transfer Molded Plastic

Epoxy: UL94V-O class flame retardant

Polarity: Ribbon indicates cathode end

Weight: 0.042 oz, 0.59 g

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