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Why is community group buying so popular?

2022-09-23 10:34:42shangrenbao

Community group buying is undoubtedly one of the hottest consumption tracks in the consumer sector in 2020. The promotion of the epidemic has made community group buying more room for development, attracting countless entrepreneurs to invest. So, what are the benefits of business as a group buying website?Woolen cloth?

1. Fission sharing is fast

The main target of community group buying is community residents. The geographical spread within a certain range has a reliable advantage, and residents are more likely to generate trust. It can be said that the current group buying website is a community group buying model that maximizes traffic flow and transcends geographical restrictions.There will be a huge amount of entry traffic. Whether it is relying on WeChat or the entire social e-commerce circle, the ultimate entry traffic will surpass traditional e-commerce. Here is an example: for example, residents of the community can participate in a certainThe corporate WeChat system community group purchase can share the activity with other residents in the community or WeChat friends, helping the merchant to further promote and increase traffic.

2. Low cost and lower risk

The pre-sale mode is adopted for community group purchases. Enterprises do not need to invest much capital, and the operation of funds is more flexible. Community group purchases are generally pre-sold in mini programs or WeChat groups first, and then shipped the next day. This model can effectively reduceInventory risk, because group purchases are all centralized delivery, and unified delivery after the group is cut off, so the logistics cost is lower than the cost of unit price delivery, so the unit price of the product will also be lower.The group buying website masters the procurement and supply in one hand, which helps to reduce the redundant intermediate cost and ensure the low price and profitability at the same time.

3. High repurchase rate of products

Community group purchases are fast-moving consumer products, with higher demand from residents and strong user stickiness. Unlike Meituan and Pinduoduo, community group purchases mainly focus on fresh department stores and daily necessities, meeting high rigid demands.frequent living needs.The online graphic display of products, from the origin to the specifications, has everything from the place of origin to the specifications. It can be quickly shared to the residents in the group, chatting and shopping in the group buying group, and the repurchase rate is higher.

4, reduce unnecessary links

Community group buying can allow merchants to obtain more discounts, reduce unnecessary links in the middle, bypass agents, and get goods directly from suppliers, reducing the cost of getting goods from retailers, and the loss of enterprises.Costs are reduced, users can buy goods at lower prices, and the profits of enterprises increase, so that group buying companies can keep the essence of bargaining while ensuring the scale of operation, and reduce costs to obtain most of the profits.

Community group buying uses interpersonal relationships as a communication benchmark, attracts users with price, reduces middlemen to earn the difference, and maximizes benefits.If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us by private message.

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