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What are the advantages of WeChat mini-programs that everyone is doing?

2022-09-23 10:34:18shangrenbao

Since the birth of Mini Programs, the popularity of the Mini Program Mall system has been growing. Many businesses develop their businesses through Mini Programs. So, what are the advantages of the WeChat Mini Program platform?

1. High user penetration rate

The user penetration rate of the Mini Program Mall system is high, and user acquisition is easier. As a type of Mini Program, the Mini Program Mall itself has many open entrances.Nearby Mini Programs, Moments, Wechat Friends, Wechat Groups, Discovery Mini Programs, etc. are all direct entrances to Mini Programs. Users can easily find the entrance and click directly to enter Mini Programs.At the same time, the Mini Program can also be associated with the official account to directly direct the fans of the public account to the Mini Program.

2. Rich application scenarios

The application scenarios of the Mini Program Mall system are very rich, convenient and fast. Merchants hope that they can continue to obtain traffic and maintain a high conversion rate.Some people use the products with their own information logo to facilitate self-service shopping, such as Carrefour, McDonald's applet is also combined with the offline store consumption scene, making full use of the location of the offline store to promote the applet.Merchants can set the application scenarios of their WeChat Mini Program Mall according to their own product characteristics.

3. Spreading is more convenient

There are many entrances for users to enter the WeChat applet platform, and they can also share through multiple communication channels of WeChat. WeChat applet does not need to be downloaded or installed., and you don't need to download it.After the user clicks, they can use the applet directly, and the experience is very good.WeChat is the most frequently used application in everyone's daily social interaction, and almost all of them are acquaintances.Then, if a company spreads its own mini-program on WeChat, it will attract the attention of more friends and users, and even repost it.

4. Strong user stickiness

As a social platform, WeChat is the most frequently used software by users, and Mini Programs are the product of the WeChat platform, and users are more sticky. If companies use Mini Programs in WeChat to serve users, users will be more willingparticipation in the interaction with the enterprise.In this way, enterprises can obtain more information on the needs of users and understand the real thoughts of users. At the same time, enterprises can better help users solve problems and provide services, thereby increasing the stickiness between enterprises and users.

Businesses do business with interests as the starting point. Low threshold and high income are the main reasons why businesses choose to do small programs.If you have any other questions, you can communicate with us via private message.

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