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meet again career planning

2022-09-23 10:18:24Will Sanqi

I. Preface

Career planning is basically something that every college student will encounter, but I think it is not only in college or at a certain time that career planning is written. In my eyes, career planning is more about reminding myself at different time periods.The lights can make the derailed boat go in the direction it should go.

Second, at the continuation leading edge

I remember I wrote a career plan at station C before, I immediately went back and looked it up and the content is as follows:

At that time, the personal introduction was straight to the point: I am a general college student, and I am preparing to graduate from a junior college. I hope to go to a higher field to observe and study. The main school is .NET

Seeing this passage now is like seeing my elementary school diary composition. I am deeply touched. Thinking of the "big ambition" that was suddenly set up at that moment in the past, it seems that until today, I have completed the previous small goalPromotion, the next career planning may also be the next career planning stage, confirm the current goal, and let the next self see the current self.

Three, about programming goals

In the past, what I wanted to study was undergraduate courses. Basically, I have classes now. It can be considered that I have not deviated and continued to go here. Of course, I also have extracurricular knowledge. The direction of my work is still towards Java.Let's go, it's a matter of the future to switch languages ​​at work.

four, how to learn programming

In the matter of programming, at present, I feel that I type a little more code, summarize more, and don't go to the next section after one pass.

Five, small goals for the future

Looking for an internship in March next year

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