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What should the new retail system do?

2022-09-23 10:18:18shangrenbao

Ma Yun proposed the concept of "new retail" at a conference in 2017. This online and offline e-commerce model will be the main direction of future development. Due to the improvement of people's living standards, the consumer experienceRequirements are also increasing, so what should merchants do to create a new retail system?

First, the advantages of new retail development

1. Diversity

With the development of the Internet, e-commerce channels are also becoming more extensive. New retail is applicable to multiple terminals. The future development direction should be omni-channel application to meet the gradually diversified needs of the market.With the development of the times, the needs of consumers have gradually changed, and the retail format has changed accordingly.

2. Accurate data

With the rapid development of the Internet, traditional enterprises do not have the support of the Internet and are struggling in the development of the market. Through big data, consumers' purchasing behavior and real needs can be accurately controlled, and data has become the basis for many retail companies to make business decisions.The basics.In order to successfully transform and upgrade the Internet, the traditional business model must be transformed into a data-centric one.

Second, how to do the new retail system

1. Data analysis to formulate marketing strategies

The new retail system can help merchants make better marketing strategies. Traditional retail usually only considers how many people come, and does not know how many people consume, and what proportion of those who consume and those who come, Why is the user churn rate high, why is the store visit and consumption frequency not proportional to these issues, and the new retail system, through the analysis of Internet big data, can target specific markets by segmenting consumer data, and change some inapplicable marketing strategies, do a good job of personalized marketing, thereby improving consumer satisfaction.

2. Combination of products and services

Whether it is an online store or an offline store, the requirements for products and services are relatively high. Now the shopping level of users has improved, and the requirements for merchants are also getting higher and higher. High-quality product quality can attractWith the arrival of customers, high-quality service is the key to retaining customers. I wonder if you have noticed that before the emergence of online e-commerce, the main business line of offline physical stores is to sell various commodities.Customers come to buy, but now is not the era when good wine is not afraid of deep alleys. If the new retail system wants to make a profit, it must provide consumers with good services while selling products.

New retail is the blue ocean for the future development of e-commerce, and merchants choosing new retail is a wise choice based on development.If you have any other questions, you can communicate with us via private message.

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