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Digital Collection app development

2022-09-23 10:02:24Diffuse cloud of science and technology

At present, the main functions of the digital collection of the big platform are divided into three general directions:
1. Establish an independent e-commerce platform, and the platform organizes distribution and sales or gifts. This way of playing is the mainstream operation direction in China;
2. Users have introduced their digital collections to social platforms, and foreign platforms allow users to verify their NFT avatars or digital art collections and display them in the form of hexagons;
3. Social platforms allow themselvesUsers of the platform confirm the rights of works and generate digital collections.

What is needed to develop the NFT digital collection system platform
The first is the functionDemand, as a platform, clearly stipulates the functions of development, the direction of operation, or imitates the functions of the platform in the market, and then develops it. Don't come up and make a quotation. As a technology developer, there is no specific function.cannot be quoted.
Development port: It is recommended to use H5, the form of Android double terminal.
  There are still many restrictions on domestic digital collections. Small programs and public accounts are still easily restricted. The form of developing web pages or APPs is relatively less restrictive.
Up-chain: The domestic digital collection platform relies on the underlying blockchain development technology of domestic manufacturers, while foreign ones are more public chains.
Server: It is recommended to use the well-known Alibaba Cloud cloud server in China. The quality of the platform is guaranteed. You can also choose other third-party platforms.
Domain Name: A website is a website, a link address for project access, and a website for domestic use must be registered before it can be opened.
SMS: The function used by the user to register the account to facilitate the user's real-name SMS notification.
Real-name interface: where users perform real-name authentication.
Third-party payment: It is recommended to use third-party payment to connect with WeChat or Alipay payment (limited limit).

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