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The vector connected world: 2022 summit on unstructured data!

2022-09-23 09:39:07Zilliz星球


With the rapid development of the Internet era, computers have been able to efficiently process structured data such as numerical values ​​and text.However, there is still a lack of effective processing methods for widely existing unstructured data such as pictures, videos, behavioral portraits, three-dimensional structures of compounds and gene sequences.

It is predicted that this year's global data generation will be close to 100 ZB, and the data growth rate will double every two to three years.80% of all data will be unstructured data that is difficult to process.How to effectively manage and apply massive amounts of unstructured data will be a huge challenge for enterprises.

‍How to use vectors to retrieve massive unstructured data?

How to build AI applications at the lowest cost and implement the model in business?

In the stage of rapid development and change of the open source technology ecosystem, how to make correct technical decisions?

How does the development team combine user scenarios to create a database that users are satisfied with?......

If you have thought about these questions, or are interested at the moment, welcome to join us at the First Unstructured Data Summit hosted by Zilliz to explore cutting-edge data with usscience field.The summit will be held online from September 24th to 25th, and we will work with enterprise users and partners to share the latest progress of Zilliz Cloud, a fully managed Milvus service, toolchain and unstructured data searchTechnology ecology, research results and best practices of cloud native distributed vector database, hope to bring top technology sharing and hot topic discussion of artificial intelligence in the field of unstructured search to developers and enterprise users, and explore more valuableresearch direction.


For more great stuff, lock in September 24-25 for the inaugural Unstructured Data Summit!

Welcome to the feast of ideas and technology~



Zilliz is a pioneer and global leader in vector database systems, developing vector database systems for AI production systems.With the mission of discovering the value of unstructured data, Zilliz is committed to creating a new generation of database technology for AI applications, helping enterprises to easily develop AI applications.Zilliz's products can significantly reduce the cost of managing AI data infrastructure, helping AI technology empower more businesses, organizations and individuals.


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