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2022 First Unstructured Data Summit Agenda Announced

2022-09-23 09:38:28Zilliz Planet

"The Matrix Revolution, Vectors Connect the World" 2022 First Unstructured Data Summit hosted by Zilliz will be September 24-25Held online, the core R&D team of Zilliz will introduce the launch announcement of the cloud fully managed vector database service Zilliz Cloud and the latest progress of the Milvus and Towhee projects to the community users. At the same time, we are also very honored to invite Baidu Fei PaoThe community is the representative of ecological partners, and well-known companies such as Yipay, Huya, and Momo are the user representatives to share the application practice of Zilliz products in different scenarios.At the same time, Ibrahim Haddad, Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Projects of LF AI & Data Foundation, also made a surprise appearance and brought wonderful sharing.

How can an open source database come out of the circle in the cold winter of 2022, and won the honor of the open source circle repeatedly, and is widely favored by the investment circle?Let's wait and see and witness the revolution of database technology in the new era!


Zilliz is a pioneer and global leader in vector database systems, developing vector database systems for AI production systems.With the mission of discovering the value of unstructured data, Zilliz is committed to creating a new generation of database technology for AI applications, helping enterprises to easily develop AI applications.Zilliz's products can significantly reduce the cost of managing AI data infrastructure, helping AI technology empower more businesses, organizations and individuals.


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