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Unified Blog System Changelog

2022-09-23 09:33:45To know a


This article was published in the aggregated history,All about my blog writing and publishing system articles.Articles are listed in reverse chronological order.

2022-04-07 A must-have feature for blogging themes

  1. 支持数学公式
  2. 支持 mermaid 流程图
  3. 支持标准的 Markdown


2022-02-13 Unified blog authoring environment

日常会在 macOS 和 Ubuntu 之间切换,博客是基于 Hexo 生成的,不同系统的 Node 版本会有较大差异、环境稳定性比较差,为了方便平时写博客,想到了用 Docker 统一博客生成环境,于是自己写了 Dockerfile,在结合VS Code 编写,可以做到系统无差.

日常开发只需要在 VS Code 中边写边预览,图片是通过 PasteImage 插件快捷键插入.预览和发布只需要以下两个命令即可.

预览本地博客:alias run-blog='docker exec -it container_id python utils/ blog'

发布博客文章:alias push-blog='docker exec -it container_id python utils/ push'

Docker 项目:

2020-04-05 VS Code 与 HEXO Combine with blogging

在 mac 机器上可以使用 mweb 来写博客,The more useful place is that you can directly paste the picture on the clipboard,缺点是 mac The keyboard is super difficult to use and does not support opening the command line in a window.I usually use it at home Ubuntu 台式机,博客使用 VS Code 编写,What has always stopped me is that the paste of pictures is particularly laborious,Found a useful plugin today pasteimage,Clipboard pictures can be pasted directly into markdown 使用,And support configuration save path.

Then follow the tutorial to configure the parameters:

    "pasteImage.path": "${projectRoot}/source/resource/img",
    "pasteImage.basePath": "${projectRoot}/source",
    "pasteImage.forceUnixStyleSeparator": true,
    "pasteImage.prefix": "/"

You can paste the image directly into markdown 中,One of the problems encountered is that the configuration does not take effect,Causes the file to be saved directly to the current file directory,The specific configuration method can refer to the following link. 这篇文章写的很详细了. This is the configuration tutorial,There are some places in which it is easy to be misled.

对于Linux系统需要有 xclip 支持,You will be prompted when you use it.

另外记录一下 Ubuntu screenshot and paste shortcuts:

Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen  // Screenshot the area to the clipboard
Ctrl + Alt + s  // 在 VS Code 中粘贴

2019-10-27 Basic photo desensitization processing

The photos we usually take will contain a lot of additional information that may reveal our geographic location、拍摄数据、Information such as the time of taking pictures.This sensitive information is exposed when the original image is uploaded on some websites,This script is mainly used to pass pillow The library will be photo's exif information erased.

Other verification sites:

This additional information can also be viewed through this website:

2017-12-06 MWeb 与 HEXO Combine with blogging

『MWeb 是 Mac 平台上一款专业的 Markdown 写作、记笔记、静态博客生成软件.』主要有以下几个优点:

  1. Drag in the picture and see it.
  2. You can write and show.
  3. Developed in conjunctionPythonProcessing scripts can be automatically saved and published with a one-line command.

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