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Hi programmers, do you know the search engine used by senior engineers?

2022-09-23 09:32:16Front-end technology stack

As a developer, I write code every day, find solutions, encounter bugs, and look for search engines. If you are developing for search engines every day, have you encountered search engines?What about the repeated results, the accumulation of advertisements, and the useless search?This problem can be solved today~

Coincidentally, when I was looking for development documents recently, I found that Baidu has launched a new search product:

Baidu developer search:

First of all, the domain name is well received. I thought I would use these foreign names such as dev and code, but it turned out to be kaifa, beautiful~


As you know from the name, this is a search engine for developers, but the LOGO shows that the current version is the BETA version. It seems that the product is still iterating, but since it has been launched, it is definitely better than ordinary search, andIt is the first in the country, it must be tried.









Developer search also adds [favorites], [likes], and [dislikes] actions for each article, among which favorites are very easy to use, and developer search supports creation at mostThere are 10 favorites, and each favorite can save up to 100 results. At the same time, you can enter the favorites management page through the upper right corner to edit the favorited results.



You can also like or dislike the results during the retrieval process. The more likes, the higher the ranking. Your likes/dislikes will affect the ranking of the results, so that others can get better content.

Search Experience

Search specific languages, such as Python, Go, MySQL

Publisher search is specially processed for languages. When you search for a specific language, such as Python, Go, MySQL, etc., it will display the official website, related information, related open source libraries, and query result sets in the form of cards.Open source libraries using the Python language will be displayed in the related projects on the right. The most important thing is that the number of stars and forks will be displayed in the related projects, so that the quality of the warehouse can be judged intuitively.


When retrieving ordinary technical data, the high-quality data after deduplication/screening is displayed first, and the page is very concise. The card area on the right is removed, and the content is directly presented in front of the eyes. The eraser has turned over 10 pages.Content, no duplicate information found.I couldn't find the information before, but now there is too much information, and it is necessary to choose the right information.


Open Source Project Cards

When you use developer search to query a specific open source project, you will find that the results of the open source repository are carefully processed.You can intuitively see the protocol, official website, and README content, and you can even directly expand README without going to github (the domestic opening speed is sometimes very slow), you can easily understand the project, and even just rely on the README content, you can use itApply directly to your project.


If the open source project is found to be referenced by other projects in the search, the developer search will also display related projects, as shown below, and these projects are sorted by the number of star, which are relatedStrong and technically high-quality content, each search result can help you dig into the project itself, and even directly find your available target projects.


Search blog tutorials related

General search results are exported by copying, cleaning, and crawling. However, after viewing the developer's search results, it is found that the quality of technical content has been modeled, and a de-duplication system has been added to give priority to high-quality, originalContent.

Before using developer search, you were always looking for gold in the sand, now you just need to look for the purer gold in the gold.

And switch to the "Tutorial" tab page, which uses big data to filter the [Tutorial] site information, which is really unexpected. It seems that the developer tool algorithm can already identify ordinary blog content and teaching blog content., with these materials, you can easily systematically study the technology stack.


Recommend it

At present, the developer search has begun to take shape as a technical search product, which is the best engine for our developers, and is the first platform in China. Although it is still in the BETA stage, in the past few days.'s trial found that the search experience and product features are being continuously optimized.

In the process of using it, I found that the Baidu Developer Search has no ads at all, really no ads at all, just the display of purely technical content, which left a very good impression.

I hope the official version can bring a better experience and really help domestic developers.

To the point, the developer just found such a good thing after searching for it~


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