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PHP online examination system 4.0 version source code computer + mobile terminal

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The functions and advantages of the PHP online examination system:

1. Intensive training test, individual contact with knowledge points;

2. Random group exams for practice, the system automatically selects questions for practice;

3. Contact with manual grouping of papers, and form test papers for simulated practice through manual grouping of papers on the teacher platform;

4. Support the coexistence of subjective and objective question types, and the subjective question score can be set as student self-assessment and teacher background score;

5. Random selection of supporting questions (such as English reading comprehension, the type of multiple sub-questions under one question stem);

6. Support the function of the examination room, which can open a separate examination room for a single user;

7. Supports functions such as collection of questions, redo of wrong questions, test records, etc.;

8. Supports many question types (single choice, multiple choice, judgment, fill in the blank, short answer, etc.);

9. Support manual volume grouping method;

10. Support random grouping of test questions by difficulty and knowledge points;

11. Support manual scoring of subjective questions and automatic scoring of objective questions;

12. Support registration examinations, designated personnel examinations and other examination methods;

13. Support member registration, batch import and export of test questions;

14. Powerful functions, unlimited number of exams, lifetime use rights, make your unit online exams once and for all.

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