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Xshell download crack, the history of the most simple tutorial

2022-08-06 08:53:42This friend from Shanghai

Xshell download crack, the easiest and easiest to understand tutorial in history

Alibaba cloud network disk extraction code: 46gw
Alibaba cloud network disk download address
Baidu network diskExtraction code: 8888
Baidu network disk download address

1, after the download is complete, get this file
insert image description here
2. Click to install XmanagerPowerSuite-7.0.0004r.exe, don't open it first

3, open the Crack folder, copy patch.exe to the installation path of XmanagerPowerSuite-7.0.0004r.exe, as shown in the figure: insert image description here
4, click patch.exe to run
Insert image description here
5. Click Patch and select the installation path of XmanagerPowerSuite-7.0.0004r.exe
Insert image description here
6, confirm, and prompt the current content
insert image description here

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