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From "prairie cattle" to "digital cattle": Mengniu's digital transformation!

2022-08-06 08:30:02Tencent Cloud Developer Community

导语 | 产业互联网时代,Upgrading technology is changing more traditional industries.Many retail and brand manufacturing companies rely on a variety of cutting-edge technologies,Deep exploration in digital transformation.此次,We have invited Mengniu Group CIO、腾讯云 TVP 行业大使 Teacher Zhang Jue,为我们带来《技术成就蒙牛数字化转型》的主题演讲,From the perspective of the nature of business and the way of business,Share with us the strategic thinking and practical experience of Mengniu's digital transformation.



张决,蒙牛集团 CIO、腾讯云 TVP 行业大使.Fully responsible for the digital construction of Mengniu Group.Graduated from University of International Business and Economics and Renmin University of China,Bachelor of Economics and Master of Business Administration(MBA)学位.Served in COFCO、Pine valley investment(中国)有限公司、COFCO Information Technology Co., Ltd.,Extensive experience in the field of information technology management.After joining Mengniu Group,Vigorously promote the digital transformation of Mengniu Group,raised channels online、消费者在线、Digital Construction Blueprint for Supply Chain Online and Management Online.In the past two years IDC Digital Transformation Leader of the Year、微信 WeBuild Digital pioneers and other honors.


从古至今,The development of the retail industry is always in constant innovation,进入到数字化时代以后,The retail industry has entered a new stage of development.This sharing will analyze the following three aspects::第一,Explore whether and how the nature of business and the way it is done has changed.第二,Interpretation of mengniu group for the strategic level of the digital transformation of thinking and the ground move.最后,Analyzing technological breakthroughs to achieve Mengniu's business transformation path.




首先,Let's think about a common problem together:当我们在说数字化转型的时候,Has the nature of the business represented behind it changed??




数字化转型这五个字,如果仅仅只是数字化的建设,依靠单一的 IT 部门自己来推动的话,并不能称为数字化转型.数字化转型一定是用数字化的手段和技术支撑业务的转型.蒙牛集团在推进数字化转型的过程中,高管团队、业务骨干都参与到了顶层的设计,发现商业的本质并没有发生变化,变化了的是商业的方式.因为技术的突破,导致了消费者的习惯和企业触达消费者的方式发生了改变.


其实,The digital age is an age of consumption without time lag.在时间维度上,Consumers have 24/7 access to business services;在空间维度上,不仅实体门店、电商网站,各个渠道空间都能享受到一致的购物体验;在心智维度上,不仅可满足日常需求,还可以满足特殊人群的定制化需求.




在这样的背景下,如何满足消费者的无时差消费需求是数字化时代企业的一大难题.borrow the classic AIPL 模型,从知晓、Learn about conversions(购买、复购、分享、留存)Analyzed in multiple dimensions.For example, in Douyin、The public domain content platform represented by Xiaohongshu,The consumption of products is unknowingly caught in the short video.KOC、KOL“种草”从而下单.Another example is WeChat, which uses small programs,在知晓、Transform to the cloud while you know,Only in every consumer can touch touch points into some new business,Changes in business methods can promote the expansion and upgrading of consumption.



值得一提的是,如何构建“围绕人、货、Field full-dimensional insight,数据驱动,全链路赋能”的模式,是企业数字化转型的关键.When doing brand analysis,We must be based on the analysis of the cargo again based on and in the field,Analyze the demand points of different circles for different products,Empowering through data insights and interpretation.HEYTEA is undoubtedly a typical representative in this regard.


二、Mengniu digital transformation of strategic thinking


Although the nature of business has not changed,But the way the business has changed,We have more new style and insight into the ability of data,So our business model must be transformed.


基于这样的思考,蒙牛集团在 2021 年制定了数字化转型战略,通过打造蒙牛数智化新基建,Helping Mengniu transform its role from traditional fast-moving consumer goods to technological fast-moving consumer goods,实现“Create a new Mengniu”战略.利用数字化引领业务发展,从传统快消企业转型为科技快消企业.


在这样的新战略下,Existing business models will be completely overhauled,在顶层设计上,It can be summarized as the following three focusing directions:

  • Global Consumer Operations,要做到全域精准用户洞察、差异化自动营销及服务、深度用户运营、敏捷需求响应等动作.
  • 全渠道销售/履约能力,要做到渠道管理透明化、BC 一体化、线上线下一盘货.
  • Smart Supply and Production,要做到工厂智能化、端到端供应链可视化、供应链上下游智能协同.


在业务转型的同时,要做到全价值链的数据赋能,实现一体化可复用能力沉淀,做好协同化组织配合等关键节点.Because Mengniu has room temperature、低温、鲜奶、冰淇淋、cheese and more SKU.In the process of transformation of these businesses,Reuse as much as possible IT 的能力,Finally achieve collaborative organizations.


具体到技术层面,A key action in Mengniu's digital transformation is to create a three-in-one micro-service architecture collaboration platform for Mengniu.通过经销商交易平台、渠道运营平台、无界履约平台的有机结合,可以最大化解放业务的生产力,实现数据驱动与赋能的业务发展.


此外,在供应链业务转型、数字转型、制造业务转型等关键方向上,We also need to take corresponding measures.

对于蒙牛而言,The success of the supply chain is the success of Mengniu.We need to improve the space of supply chain through digital means.A perfect supply chain starts with sales forecasting.Only with accurate sales forecast,Procurement from raw materials、生产排产、Logistics dispatch to the final warehouse、Plant layout to achieve the authors efficiency.


At the level of digital transformation and manufacturing business transformation,We need to secure digital first;The second is to achieve real-time online business data,Realize the onlineization of comprehensive business data;And carry out information construction,Realize information system management.Last but not least,It is the application of data innovation and the introduction of algorithms.

综上所述,数据决策是蒙牛未来作为科技快消企业的核心竞争力.为此,蒙牛集团将以数据创新应用、数据治理、Four major measures of data operation organization and data center to escort data decision-making.




信息化和数字化的区别是什么?Can't help but think again.实际上,Informatization is just a support,最初用数字做一些整合展示,逐渐起到降本增效的作用.而现在的数字化,是更高维度的存在,Itself can help business to revenue.


在由信息化迈入数字化以后,企业 IT 的职能也发生了变化,演变为现在的双模 IT 形式.如下图所示:in mode,be predictable,提升和改造已知领域的工作;in mode two,be adaptive,work that experimentally solves new problems,而这正是企业赢得数字化转型的关键.


蒙牛集团为此将信息技术部改成了数字科创部,这其中数科 DT 团队就相当于一个中台团队,The core role is to precipitate more combinables、可重用、可迭代升级的 PBCs (业务能力包).在这个过程中,IT 团队最大的作用在于把所有业务需求按照能够拼装组合的程度进行梳理、解耦,支持拼装式企业的“智能协作、价值共创”平台,最终实现需求的快速实现与最大程度的复用以及乐高式的即插即用灵活性.


最后总结一下,蒙牛数字化转型的核心等式:指数型增长高维商业模式 =(人才密度 × 创新广度 × 技术强度)^ 商业模式的维度.

一个企业,Or for Mengniu,从“草原牛”迈向“数字牛”的关键,is to achieve the coordination of the above points,to succeed in the era of digital transformation.

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