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Stone Atom Technology officially joined the openGauss community

2022-08-06 08:28:02openGauss

杭州石原子科技有限公司(hereinafter referred to as Stone Atom Technology)签署CLA(Contribution License Agreement, 贡献许可协议),正式加入openGauss 社区.

Stone Atom Technology is a company focusing on“Build a data engine,Activate digital value”of data technology companies.Committed to providing users with fast、安全、省钱、Worry-free data analysis capabilities,Is the database industry“快、好、省”的新选择.The database products developed by Stone Atom Technology include:“StoneDB 一体化实时HTAP数据库”和“AtomData 云原生实时数仓”.StoneDBas a fully compatibleMySQL的一体化实时HTAP开源数据库,It has a cost-effective integrated architecture design,可以帮助MySQLUsers realize smooth upgrade,Gain true real-time data analysis capabilities,And the operation and maintenance cost is very low.

同样地,openGaussEfforts are also being made on migration.For easy migration,That is, in order to realize the convenience and simplicity of transferring other databases toopenGauss迁,openGaussInnovate in its plug-in architecture.In order to more easily support application developers to migrate the original database toopenGauss上,在内核层面,openGauss实现了SQLCompatibility Evaluation Plugin.based on the applicationSQL语句,To call the corresponding database plugin,Based on the capabilities of the plugin,对SQLStatements are evaluated and a highly readable evaluation report is produced,Migrate from other databases toopenGaussChinese Tips for Migration Suggestions,rather than vague English prompts.

This time, Stone Atom Technology joins handsopenGauss社区,Will jointly build an open source database ecosystem,mutual support data exchange,Empowering the database industry,At the same time, they will also migrate each other in the database、Syntax compatibility, etc,Do a lot more scene database to replace and upgrade.








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