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Boss direct employment IPO: both the end and the beginning

2022-06-24 12:46:04Liukuang

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The business of online recruitment seems unimpressive but indispensable , It has become the primary recruitment and job hunting method for many enterprises and job seekers , The track is already crowded . Not only have a bright future 、 Zhilian recruitment and other old players who have stood for many years , It also includes 58 Same city 、 Go to the market network and other comprehensive websites , Even wechat 、 Microblog and other social platforms have also stepped in .

It's not hard to see. , The online recruitment market has been saturated , but Boss Direct employment still cannot be ignored . In recent years Boss Direct employment was born , Take a share of the online recruitment market in a social mode , It not only shows its own characteristics , Now it is marching towards the capital market .

Capital favors

recently ,Boss Direct employment formally submits the prospectus to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission , To be listed on NASDAQ , this IPO By Goldman Sachs 、 Morgan Stanley 、 UBS and Huaxing acted as lead underwriters . Compared with the recruitment giants ,Boss Direct employment is really a young man , But this does not affect the capital market to Boss Direct employment is promising .

According to public information ,Boss Direct employment has been completed so far 5 Round of funding , Co financing in recent two years 38.75 RMB 100 million , Major institutional investors include today's capital 、 tencent 、 Ficus altissima capital 、 Goldman Sachs and other well-known investors , It is also favored by capital because it has many excellences .

First , Innovate in the business model . Compared with Zhilian and 51job, both of them are the screening methods of resume direct investment ,Boss Direct recruitment has made many innovations in the recruitment model , It adopts direct employment mode , Let job seekers and recruiters through the mobile terminal APP Can achieve direct chat interaction , Improve the efficiency of help seeking and recruitment .

secondly , Growth speed highlights future potential . From the number of independent equipment , The three giants of China's recruitment track are Zhilian in turn 、 51job and Boss Direct employment . But the first two have been established 20 Old brand enterprise for many years , It took years of accumulation to reach its present position , and 2014 It was founded in Boss Direct employment has become the third in the industry .

in addition , according to CIC The report , according to 2020 The average number of monthly active users in the year is measured ,Boss Direct recruitment has become the largest online recruitment platform in China . This further illustrates Boss The growth rate of direct employment is very fast .

Poor profitability

No matter from the industry status or financing situation ,Boss Direct employment has reached the edge of listing . and Boss After years of development , Great progress has been made in the number of users and performance .

According to the prospectus ,2021 year 3 month ,Boss Direct employment monthly living up to 3060 ten thousand .2020 The annual average MAU by 1980 ten thousand , a 2019 The year-on-year average rose 73.2%, We have achieved relatively good results .

In terms of performance ,2019 year 、2020 year BOSS The revenue of direct employment is 10.0 One hundred million yuan 、19.4 One hundred million yuan , Growth of 94.7%;2021 First quarter Boss Revenue from direct employment 7.89 One hundred million yuan , Growth of 179.0%; Illustrates the Boss Direct employment is still in a state of rapid growth . But unfortunately , so far Boss Direct employment is still unprofitable .

According to the prospectus ,2019、2020 Years and 2021 First quarter Boss The adjusted losses of direct employment are 4.68 One hundred million yuan 、2.85 Million dollars 1.76 One hundred million yuan , Although the loss has a tendency to narrow , But it is not a good signal to hand over this report card at the time of listing , Because what the capital market attaches importance to is the performance of enterprise performance . and Boss Why is direct employment still unprofitable ?

firstly , Excessive marketing expenditure . According to the prospectus ,2019 year 、2020 Years and 2021 First quarter of 2009 Boss The marketing expenses of direct employment are 9.17 One hundred million yuan 、13.48 Million dollars 6.19 One hundred million yuan , The proportion in income is 91.8%、69.3% and 78.4%. Although mass marketing is Boss Direct employment has opened up the market , But it also brought long-term losses .

second , The profit model is relatively simple .Boss The main revenue of direct employment comes from the online recruitment service for enterprise customers , Including self-help small short-term services and large-scale long-term services tracked by the direct selling team . A single profit model will not only make the business revenue model unhealthy , It will also lead to its poor ability to resist risks , Bring adverse effects to the future development of the enterprise .

third , Regulatory issues affect the number of enterprises settled . Since its inception ,BOSS Direct employment in supervision and APP There are many problems in itself , The market has caused netizens to roast , It also led to B The distrust of end paying users . Display according to data , at present Boss More than 80% of the enterprises directly employed are small and medium-sized enterprises , Relatively speaking, the service fee will not be too high , To a certain extent, it has affected Boss The revenue of direct employment .

AI Technical remedies

As a new player in the recruitment industry ,Boss The performance of direct employment at the performance level is indeed not perfect , But in a short time 7 It is impossible to gain user recognition within this year only by marketing ,Boss Direct employment naturally has its advantages . As the first to use AI Enable intelligent matching recruitment , A mobile platform to meet the needs of job hunting ,Boss Direct employment is a step forward AI The tuyere .

utilize AI Algorithm and big data insight ,Boss The intelligent matching recruitment of direct recruitment solves the structural problems of the industry . With self-developed technology infrastructure ,BOSS A direct position / The candidate matching function uses Feed Flow mode , Provide accurate and two-way matching services for job seekers and enterprise users , Good at many levels .

At the enterprise level ,AI The empowerment of technology is Boss One of the direct reasons for direct employment , Also for the Boss Direct employment establishes the core competitive advantages and business barriers , With Boss The continuous exploration and accumulation of direct recruitment in the online recruitment industry , The future can also be further written “ New story ”.

From the user level ,Boss Direct employment uses technical means , To a certain extent, the original tedious recruitment process has been optimized , Reduce invalid delivery , Make the whole recruitment process simpler and more convenient . It not only reduces the recruitment cost of the enterprise , It also brings job seekers a better job-hunting experience .

From the industry level ,Boss The emergence of direct recruitment has made the previously solidified online recruitment industry ripple again , The recruitment mode officially starts from PC The era has evolved into the era of mobile Internet . it ,Boss Direct recruitment has brought a new recruitment mode that is more suitable for the Internet to the entire online recruitment industry , Further promote the development of the industry .

IPO It is both the end and the beginning

Most of the enterprises that can reach the threshold of listing have concerns that ordinary people cannot reach ,Boss This is the case with direct employment , Although the performance at the business level is mediocre , But technically, it pulled back . once Boss Direct employment has successfully entered the capital market , It can also bring many benefits to itself .

IPO It can not only enhance its own brand power , It is also easier to gain recognition from the market and users , Increase enterprise competitiveness and brand influence . in addition ,IPO It can also obtain certain financing to build itself . According to Caixin , this IPO The amount of funds to be raised is about 5—10 Billion dollars , The raised funds will be used for R & D investment in job hunting and recruitment , Increase the demand for new products 、 Investment in new services, etc .

But for the Boss Direct employment , Listing is both an end and a new beginning . The end is Boss Direct employment has finally established its advantages over the years , To the constant accumulation and improvement of “ Groping process ” There's a full stop . And the new beginning is IPO after ,Boss Direct employment is not just an emerging Internet enterprise , Is the leader in the online recruitment industry , There are also many “ Middle cap ” A member of the .

from Boss From the track you are in and the potential in the future , The intelligent recruitment service field may be an important factor to promote the rapid development of the future market . therefore ,Boss Direct employment needs to constantly optimize itself , Deep ploughing technology 、 Strengthen supervision , Looking for ways to develop the enterprise in the long term , After all, there is no shortage of entrants in any industry ,Boss Direct employment is expected in the future, but it is also full of challenges .

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