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What if the WordPress website forgets its password

2022-06-24 12:44:06Cloud point SEO

Many people go to the website for the first time , Like to use the automatic login function , It took a long time , I forgot the password in the background of the website . Of course , Some websites are hacked , The password was directly changed by the other party . In either case , The end result is no password , The website is unable to log in .

Here's how to forget Wordpress In case of website password , Reset wordpress password , Solve the problem that the website cannot log in .

One 、 Principle of password modification

WordPress All passwords are controlled by the database , So if you want to change your password , You have to log in to the database to modify . When it comes to databases , Many people will feel very big , I feel terrible when I hear it , Don't understand at all . In fact, changing the password is a trivial matter , No need for complex databases , A small tool will be used here , Everyone follows step by step , You can solve the problem of changing your password by yourself .

There are two tools for connecting to the database ,phpMyAdmin  and adminer.php. If your website is a virtual host , Usually equipped with phpMyAdmin This function , Then you can directly click on it , You can automatically enter the database .

Or choose Application–>Access Details, Pull down to see the login channel of the database , Click in to enter the database .

If your space service provider does not provide access to the database , Then you can consider using adminer.php This gadget will help you access the website database .

Browser input Get into adminer Download the latest adminer.php Tools .

After downloading , Rename it , Take out all the following figures , become adminer.php. Then take it. adminer.php This file is uploaded to the root directory of your website ( route :/public_html/

After uploading successfully , Type in the browser domain name, In this way, you will enter the login portal of the database .

Enter the user name and password of the database , Then log in to the database .( Self configuring nigx The environment needs to remember the user name and password of the database )

Two 、 Change the password in the database

After entering the database , Select the database where your website is located , If your website database is, Then select this database , Then find your wordpres database , commonly wordpress There is a in front of the database wp_. stay wordpress Found in the database wp_users This database , This is where we need to change the password . Here's the picture :

Select editor wp-user This database , Then you will see that there are many user Database information for , We find user_pass, This is the database that controls passwords . We changed a long string of garbled things behind the database into “5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017c592”, Then click execute .

After the modification is successful , The system will show that your password database has been modified successfully .

In this way, your website background password will be successfully modified to hello, enter one user name , add hello This code , You can successfully log in to the website background . Remember to log in successfully , To change the background password of the website again .

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