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SCRM, a breakthrough in the new consumption era

2022-06-24 12:43:38Boyang SCRM system

In the past two years , We have witnessed the popularity of many consumer goods and emerging brands created by hot or innovative interesting concepts on social media platforms , And successfully transform while attracting many fans . by comparison , Some traditional popular brands are much darker .

As the trade war escalates , And the future is unpredictable , Downward pressure on the economy is mounting . Many enterprises are feeling more and more “ Business is getting harder ”, But at the same time , We have also seen a large number of emerging and traditional consumer goods brands understand the new model at the turning point of the economy , Adapted to the new consumption trend , And in a short time with a new way to quickly achieve expansion .

“ The new consumer ” Time has come

This is no longer an era that can survive or develop by relying on past experience or business models . In artificial intelligence 、 Big data and the Internet of things 、 Driven by new technologies such as the Internet , Great changes have taken place in the social infrastructure , People's life and consumption patterns are obviously different from the past .

in the past , We can only go to offline stores to buy goods , Come across a good product , I only listen to word of mouth from relatives and friends . Now , We can see through our friends' circle Ta Shared consumption experience , You can also check the praise , View specific comments , Through social media 、 Electronic communication equipment, etc. obtain a large amount of goods and service information , And complete the purchase online , And then in the circle of friends 、 Tiktok 、 The little red book 、 Kwai releases its own consumption experience . so to speak , From channel to payment to logistics , Great changes have taken place in all aspects of consumption , It brings great convenience to consumers 、 The initiative , Consumers have more opportunities to participate and interact . We have entered a new era of consumption , A consumer centric , The new consumption era of rebuilding the relationship between consumers and enterprises .

In the new era of consumption , Consumption has two obvious characteristics .

First of all , It is socialized and stratified .

According to the Boston Consulting Report ,2020 In, China's consumer market will reach 6.5 Trillions of dollars , among 50% The above middle is made up of 30 Created by young people under the age of . For those born in the age of social media , Consumption is no longer a simple purchase , It is a sense of belonging and identity based on the same circle or hobby . Consumption is becoming more and more social , Social circles are becoming more and more segmented , That requires enterprises to make decisions according to different consumption tendencies , Carry out marketing promotion for small groups in different market segments .

secondly , More emphasis on consumer experience and interaction .

Brand is no longer just the carrier of products , It is “ A collection of consumer experiences ”. When consumers interact with the brand , Prefer interesting interactions 、 Trust the brand that can convey temperature and attitude . Full contact personalized experience 、 The interesting interaction is to improve the new consumption indicators ( Such as repurchase rate 、 Recommendation rate 、 Customer unit price and customer satisfaction ) The key to .

SCRM_ A breakthrough in the new consumption era

SCRM, A breakthrough in the new consumption era

Consumption upgrading is often accompanied by communication between enterprises and consumers 、 The evolution of interdependence , Just like the emergence of the Internet and mobile Internet , Not only shorten the distance between enterprises and consumers , And extend the marketing system to consumers . With this new wave of consumption , Enterprises urgently need a complete solution to realize the whole process of member marketing , Through the transformation from 、 Receive visitors 、 User cultivation 、 And then to the whole process of retention and value enhancement . In the process , Through Boyang SCRM, With the help of mobile Internet technology and big data , Realize the integration of Omni channel data , Create a medium platform for enterprise marketing data , Constantly improve user labels , Using different algorithms , Constantly enrich the user portrait ; Based on user profiles , Enterprises use short videos 、H5、 WeChat 、 Applet 、 Online retailers 、 Stores show content directly to consumers , Form a rich one-on-one interactive experience ; meanwhile , Through online and offline Integration 、 Stores and e-commerce are connected with each other , Create a consistent and seamless shopping experience for users , Last , Help consumers create and share content , Form more interaction and dialogue , And enter or establish the circle of consumers .

at present , Mobile Internet is deconstructing and reshaping the media environment , Change the propagation path , Change the marketing ecology , Even change the power structure of consumers and enterprises . The content-based social platform with chat as the core is returning the voice to consumers . Because of that , In the new era of consumption , Consumer focus is no longer a slogan , With the help of Boyang interaction SCRM In a sense, it can be consumer centered , Reconstruct the discourse system and behavior mode of the enterprise , With the help of Boyang SCRM, The brand can be deeply integrated into the consumer circle , Establish a direct dialogue with consumers , Give consumers the initiative in brand building , Let consumers not only buy goods , And become a co brand builder , Become an inexhaustible driving force on the road of rapid brand growth .

Because of this , In the new era of consumption , Taking consumers as the core is no longer a slogan , And with practical means of achievement . The brand can be deeply integrated into the consumer circle , Create a direct dialogue with consumers , Give the initiative of brand building to consumers , Let consumers not just buy goods , And become the people who build the brand , Become an inexhaustible booster force on the road of rapid brand growth .

Boyang SCRM, It comes from the professional technology and experience that Boyang has provided customers with services for many years SCRM Practical experience . Integrate multi-channel data processing 、 Build a user label system 、 Modeling and optimizing user portraits 、 adopt H5 Marketing platform and marketing automation , Achieve one-on-one accurate communication , Connect stores and e-commerce , Realize fission marketing and all staff marketing , Different stores 、 department 、 staff 、 consumer 、 Channels are incorporated into the enterprise marketing system , Become the spokesperson and Brand Co builder of the enterprise .

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