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What is SCRM? What is the difference between SCRM and CRM

2022-06-24 12:43:29Boyang SCRM system

To understand what is SCRM, You have to figure it out first CRM The definition of .CRM English is Customer Relationship Management, Chinese means customer relationship management .SCRM The full English name is Social Customer Relationship Management, namely Social+CRM, With social tools , Realize personalized communication with users , what's more SCRM Bring users into the enterprise's marketing system through Internet technology , Encourage direct and personalized communication between users , In the process of communication , Users gain more sense of participation 、 The acquisition , So as to enhance users' recognition of the brand and emotional connection .

The concept of customer relationship management is approaching in China 20 year . There are many mature solutions and manufacturers . From the perspective of practical application ,CRM More emphasis on customer data collection 、 Arrangement , Maintain customer management through sales personnel in the traditional way .CRM The core module includes sales management 、call center、 Contract management, etc .

With the development of Internet technology , As social tools become more and more abundant, they are constantly integrated into people's daily life and office work , Social tools have inherent advantages in customer relationship management . therefore ,SCRM Compare with CRM, More social and interactive (Social), And with the help of Social Tools and big data technology , Constantly enrich and improve user labels , So as to better understand consumers , Provide products or services that are more in line with the needs .

SCRM And SCRM The difference between

Speaking of specific differences , Boyang SCRM I think there are the following aspects :

Different ideas

CRM More emphasis on customer management , and SCRM It is also a cooperative relationship with users , Instead of just looking at the customer as a management object . As I said before ,CRM There are more tools for internal workflow optimization , Integrate internal sales 、 Customer service 、 After sales workflow and documents of these departments . For customers ,CRM Focus on how to manage customers , The customer except through the telephone 、 Salesman 、 mail 、 Get information from the website , Rarely interact with the enterprise .

SCRM Customer data will be regarded as the most important marketing asset of the company , Customers are a part of the enterprise management system , By outlining the user portrait , More comprehensive understanding of customers , Continuously optimize the full contact marketing experience , Run a cooperative relationship with customers , To achieve the success of the enterprise while enhancing customer value .

Different goals

CRM Most of them are internal oriented management tools , Used to assess the performance of sales personnel , Standardize the service of service personnel . Conventional CRM Most of them sell software systems or provide SaaS On-line CRM, Record customer records one by one , By the seller 、 Customer service and after-sales personnel , Fill in the information , The system generates some reports .

and SCRM It is an extension of the user oriented enterprise marketing system .SCRM Put every point of contact with customers , As an opportunity to communicate with customers and a way to understand customers , So as to continuously provide content that meets the needs of customers , Influence customers from different aspects . meanwhile , Every customer's social network is also integrated into the enterprise's marketing system . This is a tradition CRM It's impossible .

for example , Boyang interactive app Mall 、 Small program membership card is integrated into the gene of full marketing , It is easy to pull the new out of the old 、 The overall marketing .

The demands are different

SCRM The key is to actively attract consumers through communication and interaction . In addition to tradition CRM Phone in 、 mail 、 Besides visits and other interactions , There are more real-time one-to-one interactions . In a way , Interaction and trust are SCRM At the heart of . Boyang SCRM It not only interacts with customers through a combination of various communication methods , And they emphasize these interactions and their own experiences ( Including the consumer experience , Service experience and communication experience ) Consumers' positive recognition and trust in the brand . Because of the trust , There will be more long-term cooperation , There will be full marketing .

Boyang SCRM stay CRM On the basis of ideas , Take full advantage of wechat , It can not only integrate wechat 、 store 、 Omni channel user behavior data and consumption data including the official website , Accurate portrait of users , And in combination with Boyang interaction H5 Marketing platform and automated marketing and applet mall , Realize one-to-one communication , Connecting line up and down , Achieve sales growth .

Boyang SCRM Help customers operate members efficiently , Fast response to market demand , Achieve sales expansion

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