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Optimization of MP4 file missing seconds caused by TS files when downloading videos from easydss video platform

2022-06-24 12:43:23Tsingsee green rhino video

EasyDSS The video platform supports video downloading , A copy of the downloaded video file will be kept ts file , At the same time mp4 The format of is saved in the video folder . Under some custom projects ,EasyDSS After downloading the video of MP4 File missing seconds . Although we have dealt with similar problems before , But the reasons for this problem are different .

The problem is actually related to the video file ts Related documents , When the system downloads mp4 When you file , The backend first queries the corresponding ts file , And because the EasyDSS The query for is not complete , Only then causes the user to download MP4 The file is incomplete .

To solve such problems , We change the logic of the system to synthesize according to the downloaded parameters m3u8 file , Use it again m3u8 File transfer mp4 file , The reference codes are as follows :

    // Generate m3u8
    //m3u8TS, err := r.getRecordM3U8File(id, start, end, videoID, true)
    _,fileRealPath_m3u8, err:=service.GeneterateRecordM3u8(id,starttime, endtime,true)
    if err != nil {
        AbortWithString(c, http.StatusBadRequest, " Generate M3U8 error ")
    //m3u8 turn MP4
    //mp4_name := id+"_"+starttime+"_"+starttime+".mp4"
    filePath_mp4 := trans.M3U8ToMP4_TimeName(fileRealPath_m3u8,mp4Path)
    if filePath_mp4 == "" {
        AbortWithString(c, http.StatusBadRequest, "M3U8 turn MP4 Failure ")
    r.operFile(c, operate, filePath_mp4, videoID)

The composite will be deleted finally m3u8 file ,mp4 Regular file cleaning , The code to free unnecessary disk space is as follows :

After the solution, the complete can be downloaded successfully mp4 file :

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