current position:Home>The text to voice function is available online. You can experience the services of professional broadcasters. We sincerely invite you to try it out

The text to voice function is available online. You can experience the services of professional broadcasters. We sincerely invite you to try it out

2022-06-24 12:40:25somenzz

Hello , lately 「somenzz」 Small program added text to voice function , Solve the dubbing problem of video creation . The background call is from Microsoft AI Voice synthesis service , Basically, I can't tell that the robot is reading . Let's listen to it first :

" Hello , Welcome to somenzz Applet , I am your text to speech assistant "

One 、 Usage method

1、 Wechat applet search 「somenzz」, Or scan the small program code below the code :


2、 New users will be prompted to synchronize their avatars , Please sync your avatar first . then 9 Gong Ge clicks the text and turns it into voice , Click the plus sign to create a voice , You can adjust the language 、 Gender 、 Spokesman 、 Tone 、 role 、 Speech speed and other parameters :





3、 After adding text , Click to submit the synthetic voice , The play and download buttons can be seen on the current page , Click download to copy the audio link , Open it in the browser and you can download it :


Turn on text to speech again , You can see the list of your own synthesized voice :


Click directly to enter the editing interface , It is consistent with the previous interface of synthetic speech , Swipe left to delete :


Two 、 About expenses

Server and Microsoft AI Voice synthesis services are not free , So the applet charges for hold Living costs . Novices have 10 Times of free use . Because the applet is a personal applet , Wechat payment is not allowed ( Of course , There are service charges paid by wechat , The cost will be slightly higher ), Therefore, the exchange code is used to increase the number of conversions .

If it helps you , You can add wechat 「somenzz」( Note exchange code , Seconds back ) Get exchange code :‍

Exchange code type Number of conversions cost
13036  element
210098  element
3200180 element

buy 2 and 3 Words , One time speech synthesis is less than 1 element . I saw that other small programs are subscription based , How much does it cost per month , The advantages of this method over the subscription system are , No expiration time , Use it whenever you want . also , Early is the advantage , The price may rise later

If you have complex dubbing needs , You can add wechat 「somenzz」, Maybe I can help you .

3、 ... and 、 Other useful functions of the applet

Key chain It mainly solves the generation of passwords 、 Storage 、 Query the question of use . because Mac The function of the key chain is very practical , therefore , If you don't Mac , Then use this applet to generate the password for registration , don 't worry , The password is encrypted by public key and stored in the cloud , Only you can access and decrypt your password . Now wechat on the computer can directly open small programs , It's really convenient to use . I even saved the private key of my server here .

focus In fact, it is a tomato clock with recording function , Help us stay focused , At the end of the day , You can view your focus data in the settings . This data is only saved locally on wechat , No need to connect to the Internet to use , After emptying the cache, the data will be deleted , You can also actively delete , You can record your focused data with confidence .

todo When you think of good tools , I will continue to develop , You can also offer advice .

Welcome to use , You can leave a message if you have any questions or suggestions , Welcome to thumb up 、 Looking at 、 forward , Thanks for proliferation .

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