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A hero's note stirred up a thousand waves across 10 countries, and the first-line big factories sent people here- Gwei 2022 Singapore

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5 month 17 Japan ,“ The first global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit · Singapore ” Official announcement :7 month 14 Japan ,“DeFi Road ” Hand in hand “ Singapore Xinyue University of Social Sciences (SUSS)”, A global event will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore Web3 A grand ceremony .


For more than a month , The conference has invited Singapore's financial regulatory authorities and crypto investment institutions 、NFT、GameFi、DeFi、DAO etc. Web3 The field exceeds 70 A big guest , They will confirm their attendance at the conference and bring wonderful sharing .


And in the past month , The Organizing Committee received more than 500 Applications to attend the conference , These applications exceed 400 Copies are from Singapore , And others , It was beyond our expectation , Because they come from all over the world !

among , Most users come from Hong Kong, China and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , This may prove Singapore's influence in Chinese culture !

But from Australia 、 London, England 、 Berkeley, USA 、 Bangkok Thailand 、 Mumbai, India 、 Taiwan 、 Vietnam 、 Laos 、 Users from Montreal, Canada and other countries and cities have also sent applications , The most distant users are currently from Rotterdam, the Netherlands Web3 Enterprises GIGCO Of CEO Take down .

More Than This , Through this application form , We found a very exciting phenomenon : A group of top-level executives of global Internet technology enterprises , image CEO、Co-Funder、SVP、CTO、CFO wait , Will come .

Can you imagine ,Meta、YouTube、JPM、Microsoft、Google、Amazon、Netflix etc. , They all sent people to attend the meeting . Streaming media platform Netflix I'm also paying attention to Web3, Isn't that exciting enough ?


More interesting , Huawei 、 tencent 、 Alibaba 、Ant Group、TikTok And other enterprises from China also sent people .

before , Tiger sniffing net 《 Internet giants “ Overseas battle ”Web3》 On the screen , The article mentioned that almost all major Internet companies in China have set up teams to explore Web3, Ali 、 tencent 、 Bytes are laid out overseas early . This time, , They want to talk to GWEI 2022- Singapore has successfully joined forces ! How will they perform a transition from the Internet to Web3“ migrate ” The drama of ? Worth waiting for .

These so-called “ Non insiders ”, They actively signed up for the conference , Maybe you want to find a partner , Maybe just to learn Web3 What is it , Late but late , Sooner or later they will be this Web3 Participants in the wave , isn't it ?

Since it is Web3 Summit , More guests applying for the conference come from Web3 field , You must know all this :Okx、BitMex、Bybit、Binance、Huobi、Bixin、JUBI、F2pool、Chainlink、Paradigm、Ethereum Foundation…… They are not even guests to share , You may meet them in a corner of the meeting .

2022 year , The global economy is under pressure , The epidemic is still raging ,Web3 The field is experiencing “ Epic ” Deleveraging test , Practitioners' confidence in the future may have fallen to the freezing point .

even so , A hero post , Stir up a thousand waves ,5 The beautiful invitation sent by the month ,6 I have received so much feedback in October , There will be so many people with lofty ideals who decide to set out , Go to an unknown “ party ”.

With hope, you can see hope , With faith, we can face difficulties and dangers calmly . At the moment , We're still working on it , Hope to make the conference more exciting .

From China to Singapore , This is a DeFi The way to work together SUSS The first offline event held in a foreign country , We are bound to set off a wave in Singapore Web3 Super whirlwind . We hope to walk with practitioners , Give Way 7 Singapore in June became Web3 The most unforgettable dream moment for practitioners .

We're ready , You coming? ?————


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