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On the value foam of digital copyright works from the controversial nature of "Meng Hua Lu"

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《 Menghua record 》 It's real fire , Almost every day I can see some relevant discussions on Weibo , Especially the heroine “ De prostitution ” Set up , It's more controversial .

There is no lack of pluralism in the history of literature 、 Full image of famous prostitutes .《 Menghua record 》 This is the end of the pot , It really weakened Guanhanqing 《 Zhao Pan'er saves the wind and the moon 》 The Yanliu woman in the original works of 、 Help each other 、 The dramatic tension of common struggle .


But it has to be said that , Zhao Pan'er by Guanhanqing , After saving the wind and dust ? Most of the famous prostitutes in history ended up tragically , Most people who have a good ending are also in troubled times .

The rights of women in the Song Dynasty have indeed been significantly improved , But this does not mean that the status of prostitutes has also improved .‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Talent and luck are as good as Lishi , The ending is so sad . Even the best ones Liu e , At first, it was just that Zhaoyuan, the client of the prostitute, was accepted as a concubine .

Although zhaoyuankan was the later emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty, zhaoheng , Liu e became the Empress Dowager step by step from a prostitute . But as a prostitute in the Song Dynasty , Not only have no right to choose who to have sex with , And even their own health and safety are difficult to guarantee . They have seen some prosperity and wealth , But we can not get rid of the shackles of class , This is the reality !


A person's cognitive limitations exist objectively , Breaking through limitations should be a long and exploratory process . Contemporary film and television works ultimately reflect the values of modern people , But the ancient prostitutes' view of marriage and self - cognition , And the cognition and pursuit of women in modern society , The fault in the middle is like a chasm .

The mistress is a prostitute , Come out “ Unwilling to marry the current Tanhua Lang as a concubine ”, Whether the thought is too advanced ? If the story starts from “ Marry a concubine ” Speak up , Whether the image of self-reliance and self-improvement of the female leader can stand again ? Do you still have to shoot one first “ A concubine from a prostitute , How to emancipate the mind 、 Get rid of the shackles of the backyard ” A prequel to !

After all, with " Prostitutes come from ” Hire a man of five grades as his wife , Even Liu E did not dare to think !


《 Rubin vase 》

This reminds me of the famous design graphics 《 Rubin vase 》.

There are many elements that a work can show , But things have two sides , When highlighting certain elements , Certain elements must also be weakened . Empathy , In different contexts , Different angles 、 Different people see the same work , We got different answers , There is no right or wrong .

《 Menghua record 》 In propaganda , The four key words given by the play are “ Break through the shackles of feudal ethics ; Learn to be self reliant and self loving ;girls help girls; Ancient version of Ode to joy ”. How does the producer reflect 、 How do we understand , Everyone has their own choice .

But it is obviously not a failed work , Those controversial hot searches on Weibo , Behind it The contemporary people are very interested in emancipating the mind 、 Thinking about breaking through the shackles of society . and 8.8 Douban score , broken 15 Billions of 10 Daily broadcast volume , It is more tangible data .

reflection 、 Disputes and 《The Merge》

What excites me most , nothing less than “《 Menghua record 》 Caused controversy ” In itself . Because throughout the history of art development , The value of a work , It often comes from the fact that it has aroused the thinking and controversy of many viewers .

Even from a certain point of view , Violent “ controversy ” Perhaps it is the affirmation of a work .


“ The electronic ”《Morons( Idiot )》

2021 year , Banks (Banksy) stay 2006 Paintings completed in 《Morons( Idiot )》, By Injective Protocol Blockchain companies spend 9.5 Ten thousand dollars ( renminbi 61 Ten thousand yuan ). Then the company opened a live broadcast , Lit a fire , Burned it down in the live broadcast .

What makes people feel mysterious is ,Injective Protocol Blockchain announced , Will pass SuperFarm Blockchain technology makes the painting digital preservation , The auction 《Morons( Idiot )》 Ownership of the electronic version of , Give the proceeds to charity .

and “ The electronic ”《Morons( Idiot )》 There are not many pursuers , The highest bidder spent 38 Thousands of dollars ( renminbi 247 RMB 10,000 yuan ) Got it at the price of .

that , in your view , This version of 《Morons( Idiot )》 The reason why we can finally sell 4 Times the price of the original , It is simply because it has become “ only ” Do you ?


《 Balloon girl (Girl With Balloon)》

This is not without precedent .

As early as 2018 year 10 A similar incident occurred at Sotheby's auction house in June .

A mysterious man after the sound of a falling hammer , The one hanging on the wall was created by the famous street artist Banksy 《 Balloon girl (Girl With Balloon)》 Broken into strips by the paper shredder in the picture frame , Slowly flowing out of the picture frame . This one was rated as “ British favorite art ” At the moment when the deal was concluded, my painting chose to be destroyed .

“ At first I was scared , But then I found out that what I bought was not just a piece of work , It's a history of art .” The female collector, who did not want to be named, eventually paid more than a million pounds , Rather than just having one piece of work , This unprecedented art history is more valuable .

Although the original was destroyed at auction , But it also created “ Another piece of art ”. This half - cut work has been put on public display at Sotheby's gallery , Millions of people lined up in the rain to see the first artwork created during the auction in history .

although ,《Morons( Idiot )》 This is not the first time in the history of art , But it is the first time in the history of encryption art .

This art history has ignited the interest in “ How encryption art will affect traditional art ” Thinking . While bringing controversy , It also opens up a broader imagination space for the encryption art market , Is a well deserved “ Artwork ”.


《The Merge》, source :Nifty Gateway

Similarly, , last year 12 Month encryption artist Pak Published works 《The Merge》, It is also a work worth recording in the history of encryption art .

Just look at the work itself , Black background with a small circle . actually , This 「 Little ball 」 With every transaction, the collector will have 「 Little ball 」 The fusion . And after that , these 「 Little ball 」 It will be converted into according to the rules Pak Issued ASH token.

Such a fusion mechanism can make encrypted works interact with collectors , It can also play the role of deflation . Besides ,Merge And ASH The link to the art also gives the art a financial attribute , Give Way token With artistic attributes .

It is worth mentioning that ,Pak Your reputation is in NFT The circle is quite controversial . Netizen joked Pak Seems to be more than just a crypto artist , He is also an economist and marketing expert , He is a master of hype and concept playing . He sells pure red pixels 30ETH、 Sell white paper to make money 7000 Thousands of dollars (Lost Poets series ) And selling cubes 1700 Thousands of dollars , And this project 《The Merge》 It is also the continuation of the previous playing method .


《Everydays: The First 5000 Days》

But there are also netizens on Pak Highly recognized . If you say so 《Everydays: The First 5000 Days》 The majority represented by NFT The auction of works is just a game for a few rich people and collectors , that Pak Is a true experimenter of artistic democracy .

《The Merge》 This work , It explores the number and breadth of collectors involved . meanwhile , The work also takes us to explore the cutting-edge technology , Let more classes 、 Collectors from different backgrounds join in the transaction of encrypted art works , Think about the future NFT The possibility of completely landing in the art field .—— Of course , I firmly believe that the trade of digital copyright works should be closely linked with digital copyright , Instead of the foreign popular trading mode .

controversy 、 Consensus and digital copyright works

Relevant statistics show ,2021 In, the number of digital collections sold in China was about 456 copies , The total issue value is approximately 1.5 One hundred million yuan . According to the calculation of toubao Research Institute, a research platform in the data field ,2026 The scale of China's digital collection market will reach 300 One hundred million yuan .

meanwhile , The speculation characteristics of domestic digital collections are becoming more and more obvious .6 month 10 Japan , The people's network is sending a document 《 Make good use of digital collections Expand application scenarios 》 call , Digital collections on the market today , Infringement of intellectual property rights began to appear , Inducing irrational consumption , Blind speculation and speculation .

Works of art originally of minority cultural value , But it has become a project with investment value . Too aggressive and blind investment , While causing the foam to expand , And accelerated “ The digitalization of artistic works ” The process of . There are constant disputes inside and outside the industry , The creator welcomes the friendliest , It is also the most cruel era .

“ Affirm the right ” It has caused thinking and controversy from the art circle to various related fields , The confirmation of digital works' rights is constantly exploring and making progress !

brand Take the digital copyright works as the carrier IP The carrier of , Distribute your own in various forms IP.

Encryption background platform Have a strong motivation to follow IP End or star cooperation , To lift the lifting platform GMV And influence .

The traditional art transaction channel represented by auction , It has long been suffering from 2019 The epidemic has been going on for a long time since the end of the year . The development of digital copyright works , It not only provides them with more works of art that can be auctioned , It also opened up digital trading channels for them .

And for those A creator at the waist or long tail Come on , Digital copyright works, a new form of artistic expression and market , It is even expected to improve the profit distribution pattern of the entire content industry . Because in the content industry in the past , The long tail creators' share ratio is relatively low , They sell their works directly through the digital copyright platform , Can get a higher share .

More than that , about Creators of digital copyright works and art lovers all over the world Come on , Digital right confirmation protects the interests of the author and future work holders . On this basis , Digital art has the opportunity to better help the development of digital culture industry .

It is precisely these Creator 、 Art lovers 、 Young people 、 High net worth people, encryption enthusiasts and participating enterprises , Thinking from different visual points 、 The collision and dispute , Give it to “ The market of digital right confirmation of art works ” Space for continuous fermentation .

Put the present “ The stage of confirming the rights of digital art works ” Into the long river of art , There is no doubt about the value of this art history !



The creator uploads the works of unbounded territory

As we watch 《 Menghua record 》, While disputing the contradiction of the independent establishment of female owners in an unequal society , They are also thinking about how women should further expand the boundaries of their thoughts .

We argued 《Morons( Idiot )》、《Merge》 Such works can have such great value , Is it hype 、 Is it marketing or the work itself , At the same time, I am also thinking about the possibilities in the field of digital art works !

but The purpose of thinking is to make progress , The premise of progress is consensus ! At a time when we are surging for the right of digital art works , We must also be deeply aware of —— Network intellectual property should be protected by authority !

Only “ Men and women are equal. ” Become a consensus , Only then can we find the real balance between men and women in society . Only digital art works can be traced completely 、 lock 、 Evaluation and confirmation of rights , The digital culture industry will have a healthy soil for sustainable development .

Although it is still a very young field to use blockchain technology to realize the right confirmation of digital artworks , But before establishing perfect supervision and industrial regulation , Platforms should reach consensus spontaneously and autonomously 、 Actively avoid the market and continue with problems “ Run wild ”, Let technology serve art better .

The huge foam in front of us is showing us , Under the huge value foam of digital copyright works , It contains immeasurable vitality .

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