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Codereview tool chain for micro medicine

2022-06-24 12:39:10The king of the scroll goes to war


lately , New Department leader And before leader I'm going to have a codereview platform , On this platform, you can see who submitted how many commit, Who put forward how much merge request, Who helped others merge merge request, some merge And so on .
There have been similar platforms before , But too chicken ribs , Not used . In addition, there have been frequent online problems recently , Test feedback: the self-test effect of developers is poor ,bug High rate , Two of you leader Finally decided to build a new platform , Promote it to hundreds of R & D personnel throughout the company (KPI).

The process

Mobilization meeting

front leader: Quintin , We should not only build platforms , We still need some tools . Because the promotion codereview The premise is to make developers love codereview. If there is no quick and convenient tool ,codereview This platform is difficult to push forward . You have many ideas , Think of a way , See if you can get developers involved codereview, Improve our development system .

I : ok leader, I think the biggest pain point is that preview Tools (npm package , Need to install node, The function is to command to create development branch and test branch at the same time , And you can designate people to merge< Input OA account number >, Generate merge request, The operator sends it privately merge request Address to the designated person , Designate personnel to carry out merge ), Not very easy to use . Few people in our group want to use it , But also install node, The development of our company's back end and other languages is simply unacceptable . If we can make vscode Plug in or IDEA plug-in unit , abandon preview Tools , This will be a great progress .

front leader: Good idea , You take the lead , A month , I want to see the results .

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The project design

  1. vscode or IDEA Inside the tool OA Sign in + gitlab token Sign in
  2. preview Tool function migration
    stay vscode or IDEA Internal implementation ( Non command ) Quickly create development and test branches
    stay vscode or IDEA Internal implementation ( Non command ) Quick creation merge request
  3. vscode or IDEA Inside the tool merge request Request merge message notification And merge request Merge success message notification

Function split

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