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Reading notes of returning to hometown

2022-06-24 12:38:55Better Bench

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2022 year 6 month 23 Read the number , Put it next to the pillow for two months , Finally on the last day of the book return deadline , A cursory reading . This book is written by the French scholar Pierre · After the death of his father , A process of social reflection and Introspection of one's own past experience and family , It is his reconciliation attitude after a long absence from his native family .

This book reminds the reader , Be wary of theories . The end of the postscript , He told his mother that he was a sociology professor , Mother asked “ Is it a study of society ?” Theory can certainly help us better understand the world , But the theory is divorced from reality , Sociology is divorced from society , Will become empty , Even hypocrisy .

He grew up in a poor family , The author feels that he has been in a bad family environment , He was eager to get rid of such an environment , After becoming an intellectual , finally “ escape ” Family . Even in the eyes of outsiders and family members, it is unfilial behavior . For example, the first time he made money , I rented a house and went out to live , His parents can't understand , Why didn't he give money to his parents to continue living with them after earning money , Help his parents out of trouble . At that time his mind was longing for independence , Full of fantasy , The circle of intellectuals and its fascination . But after his father died, he returned to the place where he was born, Lance , Re understand where he was born , Re understand that he once abandoned 30 many years 、 The social class and people who were once disgraced . He tried to understand his father and mother again , Starting from their social class , And told them their destiny .

For entry “ intellectual ” The desire of the class and their own homosexual identity , These are the two main reasons why the author left his native family . Most of the book is written from a fairly objective and serious point of view , Around social class 、 The themes of school education and identity building examine their own past , And with the professionalism and logicality of a scholar “ The collision between inner spiritual world and society ”.

I seem to have some new thoughts : Past to present , I have been longing for my upward mobility , Eager to enter the circle of intellectuals , And with Deere · The same mindset as elippon . For parents and hometown , I also have the same sense of alienation and reluctance to return . I don't want to go back to Guizhou, where development is slow , I don't want to spend my life in poverty . but 《 homecoming 》 This book , It seems to give me a little thought , Begin to reflect and seek to return . I also want to try to relate to my past , My hometown , Their parents and relatives reconciled , Try to understand them , Find out what they think , How they see the world they live in . This is actually a return to self , With the past self , The hidden self , The self you don't want to mention , Even a process of reconciliation for the past that I once felt ashamed of .

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