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2022-06-24 12:38:38Liuyongxin Adam


Microbiome is closely related to ecological environment and human health . With the rapid development of microbiome research and omics Technology , A huge amount of microbiome data has been generated . Their effective excavation and utilization , For revealing the interaction between microorganisms and pathogens 、 Precise treatment and environmental governance are of great significance . In this issue mLife The academic forum will focus on the frontier research achievements in the field of microbiome and data mining , Demonstrate microbial host interactions 、 Microbiome regulation 、 The latest research progress of data mining methods .

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Zhao Fangqing researcher

mLife Associate editor in chief

Researcher, Beijing Institute of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences . He has successively won the excellent youth fund of the NSFC (2017)、 Beijing Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars (2018)、 National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars (2020)、 Distinguished researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2022) Other funding . Now he is the deputy director of the scientific research department of Beijing Academy of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Director of the genomic informatics special committee of the Chinese bioinformatics society . It is mainly devoted to establishing efficient algorithm model and experimental technology , Explore human microbes and non coding RNA The structure composition and change law of , In order to analyze their relationship with human health and disease . In recent years , stay Cell, Gut, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Computational Science, Nature Communications And other publications 50 Yu Wen , among 10 The rest were selected ESI Highly cited papers . successively 4 Won “ Excellent tutor award of Chinese Academy of Sciences ”(2017, 2018, 2019, 2021) as well as “ Chinese Academy of Sciences University Leading goose medal ”(2020)、“ Zhu liyuehua excellent teacher award of Chinese Academy of Sciences ”(2020).

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Sunfengzhu professor

University of Southern California (USC) Professor of quantitative and computational biology . He is in 2012 He was elected a member of the American Association for the advancement of science , 2015 He was elected a fellow of the American Statistical Society .2012 University of Southern California “Mellon Guiding young teachers award ”,2017 University of Southern California Dornsife College of Arts and Science Raubenheimer Lifetime Achievement Award . He developed several widely used metagenomics algorithms , Include LSA, GRAMMy, VirFinder, DeepVirFinder, VirHostMatcher, VirHostMatcher-Net etc. . He was in PNAS, Genome Research, Genome Biology, American Journal of Human Genetics, NAR, Bioinformatics, BIB And so on 200 Many articles , He cited 12000 many times .


Liu Yangyu associate professor

Dr. Yang-Yu Liu is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and an Associate Scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). He received his PhD in Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009. After that, he held positions as Postdoctoral Research Associate and then Research Assistant Professor in the Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University, before he joined HMS and BWH in 2013. His current research efforts focus on the study of human microbiome from the community ecology, dynamical systems, control theory, and machine learning perspectives. For more information, please visit


Zhu Shanfeng researcher

Researcher, Institute of brain intelligence, Fudan University , Doctor of City University of Hong Kong , Postdoctoral Fellow of Kyoto University ,UIUC Visiting scholars ,UniProt Member of the international scientific advisory board . It mainly studies artificial intelligence and biomedical big data mining , Especially biomedical text mining 、 Protein function prediction 、 Macro genome 、 Smart medicine, etc . The paper is published as the first or corresponding author in NeurIPS, ISMB, KDD, IJCAI, Bioinformatics, NAR etc. .2014——2022 Took part in BioASQ In the international competition for automatic labeling of large-scale biomedical literature 8 Won the first place for the first time .2017 Took part in CAFA International competition for automatic labeling of large-scale protein functions , In the world 50 Won the first place in multiple laboratories .2019——2021 Took part in CAMI II The international competition for large-scale metagenomic data analysis ranked first in the overlapping group box algorithm .


About mLife

As the first comprehensive high starting point English journal in the field of Microbiology in China ,mLife Timely report the high-level scientific research achievements and cutting-edge progress in the field of Microbiology at home and abroad , Build a high-level academic exchange platform for Microbiology researchers .

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To encourage readers to communicate 、 Solve scientific research difficulties quickly , We established “ Macro genome ” Professional discussion group , At present, there are domestic and foreign 5000+ Front line researchers join . Participate in discussion , Get professional answers , Welcome to share this article with friends , And scan the code to add editor in chief friend to bring you into the group , Be sure to remark “ full name - Company - Research direction - The title / grade ”.PI Please state your identity , In addition, it is related to microorganisms at home and abroad PI Cooperation and exchange of group supply . Ask for help with technical problems , First read 《 How to ask questions gracefully 》 Learn how to solve problems , Unresolved intra group discussions , Don't talk about problems in private , Help colleagues .


Study 16S Amplicon 、 Macro genome research ideas and analysis practice , Focus on “ Macro genome ”

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