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[live broadcast of celebrities] elastic observability workshop

2022-06-24 12:36:59Tencent cloud big data

Elastic Our observability solution is based on Elastic Stack One stop solution for . The solution has a complete log 、 indicators 、APM And usability collection capabilities , Management based on quality of service objectives can be achieved in a large-scale and cloud native environment .

5 month 28 Japan , Special invitation Elastic  Community evangelist —— Liu Zheng The teacher brought you Elastic Observability Workshop 》 live broadcast , Nanny level practical teaching is full of dry goods , Take you easy to master ES Monitoring management platform building skills ~

This workshop is based on the multi-layer architecture of the pet clinic as an example application , Guide participants to build observability management platform hand in hand , Experience hierarchical collection and integration 、 analysis 、 The whole process of associating and searching operation and maintenance data .

【 matters needing attention 】 Please prepare one in advance for the online workshop  CentOS7  Virtual machine and a  Elasticsearch(7.10.1) The cluster of , Virtual machine and  ES  It is better to cluster in the same network segment , Make sure that all network ports between them are open . There is no time reserved for creating the above resources in the course .

Guest speaker

Liu Zheng ,Elastic Corporate community evangelist , China DevOps Community organizers ,《DevOps Handbook》《The Site Reliability Workbook》 translator ; Master DevOps / SRE / ITSM Such as theoretical system and related practice . Committed to promoting open source through the community Elastic Stack Application of technology stack , Big data analysis platform includes 、 Cloud native service governance 、APM Full link monitoring and AIOps And so on .

Good gift for live broadcast

One 、 Participate in live interaction , extract   Tencent video monthly card

       Two 、 Complete the actual combat , Have a chance to get  Elastic Community T shirt

Scan to identify the QR code of the poster below immediately Reservation live broadcast ↓↓

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