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[programming navigation] the practical code summarized by foreign great God, learned in 30 seconds!

2022-06-24 12:35:00Programmer fish skin

Excellent short code snippets commonly used in development , It's all here .

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Hello everyone , I'm Yuer . I found that many friends have such a problem when they learn programming , Although watching video tutorials or books can understand , But left the tutorial , I can't write the code myself , Not to mention writing good code .

Besides , I'm working , I found some programmers around me , Although it can write executable code , But the code is rough , Sometimes 1 The function that a line of code can accomplish, they're going to write 10 That's ok 、20 That's ok , I'm tired .

Why do these problems arise ? Not necessarily just because the code is written less , It's more because you don't see much code .

It's important to learn programming and practice , But look at other people's project code 、 It's also important to learn how to write well !

So today I recommend a very practical website , It was built by foreign gods , be known as 30 seconds of code .

Stand as you call it , This website collects short code fragments that programmers often use in their development work , The goal is to pass 30 Seconds to teach you to write good code . Support JavaScript、CSS、Python Programming language , as well as React、Node And other mainstream technologies , Can help you master the video tutorial did not have the opportunity to learn excellent code writing and practical programming skills .

Support for multiple languages

With JavaScript Language as an example , We can choose the code fragment we want to learn according to the classification , You can see the list of articles .

Category selection code fragment

Enter an article , Like this How can I define an enum in JavaScript? How to work in JavaScript Define an enumeration in .

You probably think it's very simple , It's easy to write similar code :

//  Date enumeration 
const daysEnum = {
  monday: 0,
  tuesday: 1

If you just follow the video tutorial and type the code , I never thought that this writing method is actually wrong ! That is to use const Constant keyword , But the properties inside the object can still be modified , Does not meet enumeration class requirements .

And in this article , Provides a standard enumeration definition method , Sure enough, it's very short , Not even 30 I learned in seconds . The article also includes programming ideas and code explanation , Not only to teach you to write good code , And guide you to think about how to write good code .

The website has collected hundreds of excellent short code fragments , I strongly recommend that all learning front end 、Python Students waiting for language spend a little time every day , Brush all the excellent examples on the website , It will definitely improve your programming ability . Even if there's no time to get through customs , You can also use the search function provided by the website , When there is a problem , Just find the code you need according to the key words ~

Welcome to have a try , If this article helps you , Please help me, too Fabulous La !️

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