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Emoji language commonly used icon collection (interesting Emoji)

2022-05-15 07:38:58Have a drink together

emoji ( Japanese : Character /えもじ , Pronunciation is emoji) It is a visual emotional symbol used in wireless communication in Japan , Drawing refers to drawing , Words refer to characters , Can be used to represent a variety of expressions , A smiling face means a smile 、 Cake means food, etc . On Chinese mainland ,emoji Is often called “ Little yellow face ”, Or call it emoji,emoji It's emoticons .emoji Has been compatible with most modern computer systems Unicode Coding adopts , It is widely used in various mobile text messages and social networks .

A symbol mark


reflection :🧐

Tips / Be careful :️️‍













These commonly used emoji Facial expression personal feeling is very interesting collection , Can be used to embellish your blog , Make the blog look more interesting .

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