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Gear monthly update April

2022-05-15 07:30:34Nicole

4 month ,Gear Successfully passed the internal audit . We want to share some important technical updates from last month .

First , We changed it gstd library . We will msg::send* and msg::reply* It becomes a function that can return errors [1]. If in the system call layer ,msg::send* and msg::reply* Error code returned , The user can handle the errors in the user layer , for example , Not enough gas . We also Added new system call msg::reply_with_gas and msg::reply_commit_with_gas[2], To make consumption gas Reply to your message .

Memory page size becomes configurable [3]. as everyone knows ,WASM The default memory page size is 64KB. stay OS in , This memory page is smaller :Linux by 4 KB,macOS by 16 KB. When you enable lazy pages when , Every time you access the contract data, you need to download all the data from the memory WASM page . Now? , We can reduce this by downloading only some pages , This is much smaller than the native page of the host . We can filter according to the page size , for example 4KB or 16 KB, And by using only these parts WASM Data is stored in memory . Now? , The code page size in memory is reduced to 4 KB.

There is another important technology update , exceed gas The limit message will not be skipped now [4]. before , When the message exceeds the allowed of the current block gas At the upper limit , We'll push the news to the end of the team . however , Now when we meet a gas The upper limit exceeds... Of the current block gas The cost of the message , We are still trying to process the message .

If the process succeeds or fails due to internal logic , We are right. DB Adopt corresponding changes . If because of gas Failed to execute due to cost limitation , We will restore everything related to this message , Re queue at the head of the queue in the block , And stop processing the current block . This guarantees that there will be more... In the next block gas, Make the message processed successfully .

Let's explain this in simpler terms . before , Each of our blocks has a fixed gas fee . This can also be called “ The budget ”. Every message has gas ceiling . If the message gas The upper limit does not meet the block fee or “ The budget ”, The message will be placed at the end of the line , Processed in an ongoing block . This can lead to some problems , Because that means you can't successfully handle gas Messages with a large upper limit .

Based on recent updates , Even if the news is gas The upper limit is higher than that of the block gas “ The budget ”, We still send messages for processing , Because it's practical gas Consumption may be lower than gas ceiling , So that the message conforms to “ The budget ” The requirements of .

4 month 9 Japan ,Gear Attended by Anonymous Club The organization's Beijing offline Meetup[5]. The theme of this activity is Web3 Development opportunities and future . Participants discussed many blockchain projects in depth , Also published on NFT Personal opinion of the market .

We also organized the first sticker design activity and Gear Monthly quiz contest [6].

Gear The chief ecological officer of Pavel Salas Attended by @OrientusPrime[7] Sponsored AMA[8] .

besides , We are also with IOBC cooperation , by Gear The Chinese community held another AMA.

We also held an online Telegram Activities ——Gear Talk[9], The community has the opportunity to learn about Gear The latest development of the Internet .

We attended by @DanteNetwork[10] The organization's Web3 Exchange meeting [11]. This event discussed Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 The difference between , as well as Web3 Some technological improvements brought to people's lives . The audience is right Web3 We also have a deeper understanding of our future .

We have held many events around the world Workshop, Include The first event in Turkey Workshop[12], The Workshop Held at Istanbul Technical University .

We also Mexican UAM Azcapotzalco The University held the second Workshop[13].Workshop In two parts : The first is the theoretical part , Participants learned about blockchain technology and Web3 history . Then there is the practice part —— Use Gear Decentralized network deployment Twitter.

We also held another event for the Chinese community Workshop, Demonstrates how to build DAO.

Gear The first time in Turkey Meetup[14] In Istanbul Craft Beer Lab hold .

besides , We also Organized another... In Mexico Meetup[15], This time, Meetup Got positive feedback , Participants have the opportunity to interact with Gear Team members communicate face to face , And learn more about blockchain technology 、 Smart contract development and Gear platform .

Gear It's the computing component of Boca Ecology ,GearFans yes Gear Enthusiast community .

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We will msg::send* and msg::reply* It becomes a function that can return errors :


Added new system call msg::reply_with_gas and msg::reply_commit_with_gas:


Memory page size becomes configurable :


exceed gas The limit message will not be skipped now :


Beijing offline Meetup:


Gear Monthly quiz contest :






Gear Talk:




Web3 Exchange meeting :


The first event in Turkey Workshop:


Mexican UAM Azcapotzalco The University held the second Workshop:


Gear The first time in Turkey Meetup:


Organized another... In Mexico Meetup:

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