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Yixin Huachen: how to do a good job in digital transformation in the power industry?

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as everyone knows , The stability of electric power is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood , About the security of the whole society , For example, in daily life , Plug in the plug , Gently toggle the switch , Air conditioner 、 Refrigerators and other electrical appliances start running , Behind this little switch is a generator 、 Power transformation 、 Electricity transmission 、 A huge and complex power system composed of power distribution and consumption .

At present , The power industry is following the trend of the times , Actively respond to the digital economy and the construction of Digital China , Digital transformation . As large-scale central power enterprises undertaking the important task of economic development, the two networks and five major enterprises , Take the lead in today's digital and low-carbon transformation , such as , The State Grid has “ Build an international leading energy Internet with Chinese characteristics ” Promote... As the strategic goal of the enterprise ; China Southern Power Grid directly issued the action plan for the construction of digital southern power grid , Clear to 2025 Basically achieve the goal of Digital South network by .

With the deepening of energy transformation and the construction of global energy Internet , In the future, the power industry will take on a completely different form : Low carbon 、 Digitization 、 Intelligence will become a new feature . Today, Xiaoyi will talk about how to do a good job in the digital transformation of the power industry from the perspective of the industry ?

01、 What is the digital transformation of the power industry ?

1. Definition

The digital transformation of power industry starts with digital technology , Realize digital operation 、 Asset digitization , So as to realize the comprehensive digital transformation and upgrading of the whole industry from production management to business model , Finally achieve a new model of energy and services , Drive the transformation of the whole industrial chain .

Digitization can be simply understood as two stages: digital construction and digital transformation . Digital construction is to do 、 What you see 、 The information you hear and feel is displayed on a digital terminal 、 The sensors are connected through a communication network 、 The digital processing platform forms data resources that can be used by the information system , It's the foundation of digitization . Digital transformation is the use of big data 、 Artificial intelligence and other advanced digital application technologies analyze massive data 、 Study 、 Calculation , Automatic decision-making and execution through application system , It is the goal and achievement of digitization .

2.3 Features

(1) Organizational change

Generally speaking , The strategy of enterprise transformation and upgrading originates from the driving force in the industry , Construction of new power system driven by double carbon , It is the internal driving force for the digital transformation of the energy and power industry . The construction of new power system is related to the whole “ Electricity generation - Electricity transmission - Power transformation - distribution - electricity ” The five links of , This is the development trend of the industry .

Whether it's like operating the highest voltage level in the world 、 The ability to allocate energy resources is the strongest , The State Grid, the largest super large power grid connected to new energy , Or the proportion of clean energy installed capacity 60% above 、 The installed capacity of photovoltaic, new energy and renewable energy power generation is the largest national power investment group in the world , There is an urgent need to digitize 、 The Internet, 、 Modern means promote or force organizational and management changes , Realize real-time perception of the whole process of operation and management 、 Visible and controllable 、 Lean and efficient . In the face of increasingly diversified customer needs , They also need to improve power accuracy with digitization 、 convenient 、 Intelligent service level , Improve customer acquisition and satisfaction .

(2) Business innovation

The present , Accelerate digital transformation 、 The development of digital economy has become the focus of large enterprises at home and abroad to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy 、 A universal choice to cultivate new competitive advantages . Power enterprises in the network 、 platform 、 user 、 Rich resources in data and other aspects , While electricity prices continue to fall 、 Under the situation of great business pressure , Dig deep into the value and potential of resources , Upgrade traditional business with digital transformation 、 Promote industrial upgrading , Developing energy digital economy is a huge blue ocean market , It is also the inevitable choice of power enterprises .

(3) Digital empowerment

Accelerating digital transformation is the key to the new power system . There are many links involved in the new power system , There will be some changes in the physical form of the face , under these circumstances , All links need the support of digital technology , It needs to be perceived in information collection 、 Computing power support 、 Automatic control and intelligent operation , Establish a powerful digital platform to support the operation and management of the new power system , So as to ensure that the new power system faces challenges , Can operate reliably 、 Management and control .
02、 Digital transformation of power industry 3 Stages of development **

1. The first stage : Data penetration

For power enterprises , To realize business data 、 Data service , First of all, it is necessary to realize the connection of data . Take the State Grid as an example , Its business unit is vertically managed , marketing 、 Dispatch 、 Customer service and other business departments manage their own data centers , There are business barriers between each other , But the most difficult thing for data penetration is to break business barriers .

Dispatching of State Grid 、 marketing 、 Heterogeneous data of equipment and other departments , Different models 、 There are different standards . in addition to , The security partition management of the application system also increases the difficulty of data connection , For example, according to the importance of the system, it is divided into four security zones , The core business system is physically isolated from the outside in security zone 1 .

Finally, data governance is needed , Power data has a large data volume 、 Large professional span 、 There are many types of data 、 Four types of typical data characteristics with high quality requirements , Therefore, the problem of data quality of electric power is prominent , For example, the quality of interdisciplinary basic data is not high 、 The quality of manually entered data is not high 、 The quality of department business data is not high 、 Multiple data sources and different data values 、 The data standards of different disciplines are not unified .

2. The second stage : Data operations

As data becomes a factor of production , Such as the massive power consumption data of the power industry 、 Equipment data can be transformed into data assets , One side , Power big data itself can be commercialized through productization , On the other hand, it can also support emerging businesses through data services .

For example, the State Grid is building an enterprise Zhongtai , To take the “ Third middle platform ” strategic , Data center + Business Center + Technology Center , The data center is the foundation , The business center is the core , The technical center is the support , The core purpose is to support the emerging business of the application layer through the data center of the platform layer .

3. The third stage : Digital drive

Now for the power industry , With the significant improvement of distributed new energy application on the power consumption side 、 Maturity of business model of emerging business 、 Further liberalization of relevant industrial policies , The power consumption side will enter an open energy market , The whole power system needs to realize “ Source network load storage ” synergy , This requires the support of new power system and digitization .

And in this case , New power systems need to be aware of information acquisition 、 Computing power support 、 Automatic control and intelligent operation , Establish a powerful digital platform to support the operation and management of the new power system , So as to ensure that the new power system faces challenges , Can operate reliably 、 Management and control .

On the whole , The three development stages of digital transformation of power industry are intertwined . China's power industry as a whole is still in the first stage , For example, the business data of various departments of the State Grid are not fully connected , And it's hard to achieve... In the short term .
03、 Difficulties and challenges faced by the digital transformation of power industry **

1. Hardware equipment management and grid connection scheduling

For power plants , The first challenge to face is the device management of hardware , Due to the continuous production demand of power generation , Equipment failure will lead to huge losses , Whether it's water or electricity 、 Thermal power 、 Wind power , Or photovoltaic , All need to improve the level of equipment maintenance .

Secondly, at present, all kinds of power sources need coordinated dispatching , Challenge generation power prediction , The voltage regulation capacity of new energy power stations is limited , It is easy to cause subsynchronous oblique wave, etc , Adversely affect the safe and stable operation of the system , The output of the power station is uncertain , As a result, the power flow of the power grid is complex and changeable , It increases the difficulty of power grid operation control , Security problems and power prediction problems lead to grid connection absorption difficulties , The abandonment rate remains high .

2. There is no unified management platform , Make data valuable

Electric power enterprises have been in the information construction for many years , Produced a large number of production and operation data , Due to historical reasons , There may be various manufacturers 、 Products of various platforms , Leading to the formation of an information island , Can't work together , Even difficult to maintain and upgrade . Therefore, power enterprises need to establish a unified data management platform , Let it play its due value .

3. The organization lacks talent reserves with digital thinking

In the actual transformation process of intelligent platform , It's not just necessary IT personnel , It also needs to be OT Deep integration of personnel , However, due to the gap in their own professional fields , Integration is not ideal . Therefore, for the power industry, there is an appeal from process driven informatization to data-driven informatization , In the process of digital transformation , It should be supported by a strong technical platform , There should also be practical methodology 、 Data application theory , And advanced management awareness , The core behind this is the talent reserve .

04、 Case study : Power outage monitoring platform of distribution network of a power company of State Grid

1. Project background

The purpose of distribution network outage monitoring is to pass the big data concept , Combine the network topology diagram with the electric energy meter to collect data , Special monitoring shall be carried out for the power failure of distribution network , Focus on the frequency of power failure in distribution network 、 Duration of power failure 、 Frequent power failure 、 The number of households affected by power failure 、 Power loss and other dimensions , The characteristics and shortcomings of the company's distribution network outage management are analyzed from the unit regional distribution and time trend monitoring , Put forward management opinions and suggestions , Work safety for the company 、 Provide auxiliary support for distribution network management and high-quality power supply services .

The operation quality of distribution network is related to the vital interests and experience of power customers , Power failure 、 The power supply quality is not up to standard 、 The customer complaints caused by the deviation of planned power outage implementation remain high , The project makes full use of information means , Through the data mining analysis of distribution network equipment , Objectively reflect the power failure of distribution network , Sort out and summarize the scope and law of power failure in distribution network , Put forward targeted improvement measures and optimization suggestions , Promote the improvement of distribution network operation and management level .

2. Project difficulties

(1) Distribution network outage data cannot be traced

Due to the business support system , The channel system information is more complex , It can not effectively reflect the power failure events with high attention on the user side ; Power failure information acquisition system , There is information redundancy caused by acquisition problems .

terms of settlement : Adopt dual system linkage monitoring strategy , Match the fault power failure event in the relevant business system with the power failure information in the public transformer area in the power consumption information acquisition system , If there is power failure information in both systems , It is determined as a daily power failure event .

(2) The subject of system analysis is difficult to determine

Through which dimensions to analyze the power failure information of distribution network , It can effectively find the common problems in the radio stop area , So as to strengthen the investigation , Reduce the incidence of power failure , And improve customer satisfaction with electricity .

terms of settlement : Comprehensively sort out the whole business logic , Guided by users' demands , Discuss and determine the design of distribution network outage monitoring platform with the customer 5 Big analysis topic , They are the home page of the platform 、 Main line power failure 、 Frequent power outages on the main line 、 Branch line power failure and frequent branch line power failure .

(3) The index logic is complicated

Facing the complex real-time data in the database , The collection and processing of required indicators is particularly important . Duration of power failure 、 Calculation of indicators affecting the number of users and less power supply 、 Judgment basis for frequent power failure 、 Optimizing the fetching logic and script is the key to ensure the accuracy of the standard .

resolvent : According to the index definition , Quickly verify the key events of index calculation with relevant personnel , Calculate in strict accordance with the index logic , Solidified into a stored procedure , Speed up the efficiency of index collection . Use Yixin ABI Simplify the access script logic in the tool , Make it load data faster .

3. The construction of the content

The power failure monitoring platform of distribution network includes 5 Big analysis topic , They are the home page of the platform 、 Main line power failure 、 Frequent power outages on the main line 、 Branch line power failure and frequent branch line power failure .

(1) Platform home page

The total number of lines through 、 Total number of blackout lines 、 Number of blackouts 、 Outage duration and other indicators visually show the main lines of the company 、 Power failure of branch line , Feedback the overall operation status of the line ; adopt TOP10 Analysis method of , Quickly locate the abnormal power failure line , Help enterprises realize the fine management of lines .

(2) Thread / regional ( frequent ) power failure

Real time monitoring of line power failure , Through the power failure time 、 Call back time 、 Duration of power failure 、 Affect the number of users 、 Less power supply 、 Whether frequent power outages and other indicators to measure the operation of the line . According to the user survey , According to the residents' acceptance of power outage time in different regions , To formulate targeted early warning , To improve the user experience .

4. Project value

Development of power failure monitoring system for distribution network , Through the basic situation of distribution network 、 Planned outage analysis 、 Power failure monitoring of distribution network equipment 、 Outage plan comparison and correlation analysis . Improve the scientificity and rationality of outage plan , Improve the execution accuracy of outage plan , Strengthen the management of temporary power outage , Reduce unplanned outages . Finally, it can reduce the adverse impact of multiple power outages on users' power consumption , Improve user satisfaction , Highlight the social responsibilities of power supply enterprises .

05、 Summary

At present , Cloud computing 、 big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 The application of Internet of things and other technologies has led power grid enterprises to the entrance of the fourth industrial revolution , adopt “ All elements 、 Whole business 、 The whole process ” Digital transformation of , The power grid will be produced 、 management 、 Effective integration and digitalization of operation and other capabilities 、 Wisdom, , It is the power grid enterprises that offer to smart grid operators 、 Energy industry value chain integrator 、 An important support for the transformation of energy ecosystem service providers .

Digital construction of power grid industry , Is standing on the sharing 、 platform 、 Work from the perspective of hub , Consider not only the development of the enterprise itself , More importantly, we need to drive the whole industry 、 The development and even transformation and upgrading of the whole society , Realize the flow and sharing of comprehensive energy service resources of the whole society through ecological integration . therefore , The digital transformation of power grid industry is not just a matter for power grid enterprises , But the entire energy industry 、 The whole society , Power grid enterprises need to take the lead , Participate in all aspects .

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