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Who peeped on the industrial computer?

2022-05-15 07:50:07Irteam - Industrial Safety

Because there are a lot of back doors of industrial control software and Trojans bundled in the system , It will let your industrial computer open many communication ports , These communication ports are automatically connected to the outside IP Or a website, etc .

So use a free little software today , To thoroughly check your industrial computer , Which hidden ports are open , Outreach to IP? This software uses go Language development , Can run in 64 Bit windows System , You don't need to install it, just run it directly .( Sure copy To u pan , Anytime PC Check the machine once )

This software is called JST-Port, As the name suggests, it means jiansiting port query . This software consists of two parts , One is JST-port.exe Executable file , The other is JST-port.dll The library files . You just need to double-click JST-port.exe The following screen will appear :

Let you enter a file name generated after detection , The file name follows windows Just name the file , Otherwise, an error will be reported and the detected file cannot be generated . for example , Input :local

stay JST-port.exe Automatically generate a... In the same directory local.csv The file of .

Open this file and you can see in your industrial computer , Which programs open which ports , And what are they connected to IP The address is clear at a glance .

In order to let everyone see more clearly , I put one line of information copy come out , You can see what items are included .

Check list:Process name| Process ID | Protocol | Local port | Local port name | Local address | Remote port | Remote port name | Remote address | Remote host name | State | Send Bytes | Received Bytes | Send Packets | Received Packets | Process path | Product name | File description | File version | Company | Process created on | User name | Process service | Process attributes | Added on | Creation timestamp | Module filename | Remote IP country | Remote IP ASN | Remote IP company | Windows title

Finally, attach the download address of the software :

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