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The BIG-IP firewall of hard core observation 632 F5 has a level 9.8 serious security vulnerability

2022-05-15 07:49:01Linux China

F5 Of BIG-IP Firewall appears 9.8 Serious security vulnerabilities

Last week, ,F5 Disclosed and repaired a BIG-IP Loophole , Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to perform attacks with root Orders of authority . The number of devices available on the Internet exceeds 16000 individual ,F5 Say wealth 50 Strong in existence 48 Home is using the device . Whereas BIG-IP Close to the edge of the network , And as a device for managing network server traffic , They can often see HTTPS Decryption content of protected traffic . This vulnerability is being actively exploited by attackers .

Lao Wang comments : There are serious security vulnerabilities in the security device , This can have a great impact .

Lincoln College has been permanently closed due to blackmail software attacks

Lincoln College announced that it will be held on Friday 5 month 13 It's closed forever on the 21st , Become the first American institution of higher learning to fail due to blackmail software attacks . Lincoln College is named after President Lincoln ,1865 Started in , So far 157 Years of history . It went through two world wars 、 Spanish flu and the Great Depression , But we can't cope with the COVID-19 and last year 12 The blackmail software attack that happened in June . last year 12 In June, Lincoln College was attacked by blackmail Software , It's affecting 2022 Autumn enrollment . Although the school's system to 3 Month full recovery , But it's too late , The enrollment gap is huge .

Lao Wang comments : Even a hundred year old school , I can't help tossing about like this , There is too much uncertainty in this era .

SteamOS Open source branch releases its first version

SteamOS It's based on rolling distribution Arch Linux Of .Valve Released in early March SteamOS System recovery mirror , help Steam Deck The user restores the handheld to the factory state . Enthusiasts then try in ordinary PC Installation on SteamOS, Launched HoloISO project . The project has just released its first version Ground Zero, It can make SteamOS Can be installed in any PC On .

Lao Wang comments : I think , With Valve An open mind , Should acquiesce in supporting such community behavior .

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