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Can you believe that the swoole timer can realize millisecond task scheduling?

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brief introduction

Timer Millisecond precision timer , Bottom based epoll_wait and setitimer Realization , Data structure use The smallest pile , It can support adding a large number of timers , Timer implemented using minimum heap data structure , similar JavaScript Of setInterval,Swoole Addition and deletion of timer , All memory operations , So the performance is very high .

Swoole Medium Timer And PHP Of itself pcntl_alarm Is different .pcntl_alarm Is based on Clock signal + tick Function implementation , One is that it only supports up to seconds , The other is that it does not support setting multiple timer programs at the same time , The performance is relatively poor .

Interval clock timer

We can go through Timer::tick To realize the interval clock timer , The timer will continue to trigger , Automatically trigger the execution of callback function every specified time , Until the call Timer::clear To clear the specified timer .

$i = 0;

Swoole\Timer::tick(1000, function($id) use ($i) {

    global $i;

    echo "tick id:$id i:$i \n";



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  • every other 1 The callback function is triggered once in seconds , The callback function will automatically print a line of information to the console .

One time timer

When you need to execute a timer, you can use Timer::after , This function is a one-time timer , Unlike the interval clock timer , It will be destroyed after the execution , It should be noted that Timer::after It's non blocking .

Swoole\Timer::after(2000, function () {

    echo " Do it once after\n";


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  • 2 Execute the callback function in seconds , Automatically exit after execution .

Clear timer

Timer::after It will exit automatically after execution , There's no need to clean up , and Timer::tick No clear timer operation , Will always carry out , Until the program exits . When you don't need a timer , We can use Timer::clear To stop the timer , Set the corresponding timer id Pass in this method .

​ Be careful ,Timer::clear Timers that cannot be used to clear other processes , Only for the current process .

$i = 0;

Swoole\Timer::tick(1000, function ($id) use ($i) {

    global $i;

    echo "tick id:$id i:$i \n";


    if ($i > 10) {




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  • every other 1 Execute the callback function once per second , When $i From to 10 when , off timer , The program will exit automatically .

Clear all timers

Timer::clearAll Used to clear timers in the same process space . Basically with Timer::clear identical , but Timer::clearAll You can clear all active timers at once .

Swoole\Timer::tick(2000, function () {

   echo "tick \n";


$str = "Swoole";

Swoole\Timer::after(1000, function() use ($str) {

    echo "Hello, $str\n";




​ Timer function can be very convenient to achieve timing tasks , for example CRMEB Pro System Auto cancel order in 、 Automatic confirmation of receipt 、 Automatic product loading and unloading 、 Automatic expiration of tenants and other operations are based on Timer::tick To achieve .

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