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High threshold for large factories? Five exclusive PDFs inside Alibaba will take you forward and win the offer

2022-05-15 07:43:06Java architecture design


Because of the epidemic situation , Recently, I received a lot of work information from my classmates backstage. I'm still very touched ( A pay cut 、 Disguised layoffs 、 Dismissal, etc ). Maybe this is not a common phenomenon now , But it still makes me feel that this bowl of youth rice at the front is not easy to mix . At the same time, many of the students who contacted me are unemployed , Can feel their inner confusion and anxiety . So there was a voice in my heart urging me , Write something about the interview quickly , Even if there is only a trace of help for everyone . So this time I also put all my internal exclusive materials in Ali into a volume , I want to share with you , I hope I can help you :

Five copies of Alibaba's internal exclusive PDF Exhibition

​ notes : Because there are a lot of content to share this time , So the teacher here can show you some content , The detailed knowledge points inside are not for your screenshots , If you look directly at PDF Version! , You can slide directly to the end of the article !

Taobao billion level concurrent architecture design 、 R & D and maintenance manual (2022 edition )

Use consistency Hash The algorithm can solve the problem of adding and deleting nodes , The problem of falling hit rate

RPC frame :10 ten thousand QPS How to realize millisecond service call ?

Alibaba interview reference guide (2022 Taishan Edition )

Second kill overall flow chart

Section oriented programming (AOP)

Alibaba machine learning algorithm aggregation

Because there are many contents in this part , So I can only take some screenshots for you !

Alibaba Java Performance tuning practice (2022 Huashan Edition )

Stream How to optimize traversal ?

analysis GC journal

Alibaba Java Development Manual ( ultimate )

Code format

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