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Bi tools are relatively big. Let's see which one is most suitable for you

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In daily work , We often need to use report form To do data analysis , Everybody knows , The biggest feature of Chinese style report is the format and amount of information , Chinese style reports are often complicated at the beginning of the table , Three or five large cells are embedded in small cells 、 Slashes and small squares are common things , So there are few reports without grid lines , People who don't have a grid are prone to mistakes . Chinese statements contain a lot of information , A report often contains a lot of data , For example, detailed data 、 Aggregated data, etc , therefore , How to quickly generate reports , Select the appropriate report , Is the biggest headache for many data analysts .


today , Xiaobian carefully selected several commonly used BI Tools , You can refer to and try according to your own needs !


It is positioned as a one-stop big data analysis platform , Rich data support , Strong cross database integration capability : Built in data warehouse 、 The data mart 、 Cross database data sources, etc , Support the collection and supplementary recording of business data . the Excel /CSV Wait for text data batch import , Quickly load data directly into the system , Provide complete process mechanism , Report data 、 The examination and approval 、 The return process is handled , Realize flexible approval and dynamic data flow . Data processing of distributed computing , Data modeling of integrated super computing , Create a self increasing index system , You can count to the cache Library , Achieve high-performance output . It is also equipped with online filling function : The data filling template can be customized flexibly , Users fill in supplementary data online through the browser , Support data verification , And support multiple people to cooperate in filling in .

2、ireport report form

And this report Excel equally , It's very convenient , As long as Excel Put your plug-ins into it , You can do a good job of data analysis , Then upload it to the network . however , This is also a drawback . Report data can only come from a single source , Weak ability to handle requirements , Long update time , When something goes wrong , Will automatically give up .

3、 Retouch report

This is also a common type in the market at present Excel Report software , Moistening report can make the original very complex report more simple after passing through the software , It can also effectively support cross system use . Just in terms of functional support , This report is really excellent , So after some comparison , We often pay attention to this software in the process of comparing report tools .


This free reporting tool is based on Java and JavaEE Of . The developer community is doing better than other foreign open source vendors , Simpler design interface , Clearer navigation , More human . But in daily operation , It may also take a lot of time , Relatively poor adaptability . in other words , Because of these shortcomings , Maybe many people will find it difficult to choose , It is suggested that we should better combine the needs of the enterprise .


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