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Open source sharing -- a record of students passing through time

2022-05-15 07:35:23Xingyun blog

A cloud based classmate record , Easy to store information , Facilitate the management and contact of class members . Upload class photos , Share the good life

The source code is introduced : Like time goes by V3 Open source V3.0.1 1. Framework refactoring Code optimization Arrangement structure 2. Change the password encryption algorithm 3. You can customize the administrator user name and password during installation 4. You can customize the data table prefix during installation ( You can build multiple student records in the same database ) 5. Replace the homepage template 6. Website copyright supports background modification 7. Add random background interface to the home page (1. official API 2. Gorgeous rainbow API 3. LAN Qi API) 8. The administrator can set up Deputy management in the background 9. Photo album mechanism modification All users can upload pictures 10. Change the layout of the inner page 11. remove QQ Gadget function 12. Website announcements can use html Code 13. Strengthen the format verification of some forms 14. Fix duplicate loading jquery problem 15. Join the official player 16. You can change the page zoom (0.9 The mobile page can be compatible with gorgeous player ) Ps.V3 A new structure , and V2 There are too many differences , So update 3.0 You will lose previous data , If you mind, please don't upgrade ! The picture interface part is no longer available pjax Loading animation is a little bug Those who have the ability can change

Use the tutorial

Download the source code Unzip and upload the website directory

Access to the domain name /install Configure and install

Time flies is a very good classmate record. If you need it, you might as well try it

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