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P2P swap OTC trading on qredo

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OTC transaction (OTC) Accounts for a large part of encryption activities .

At the retail level , Most market activities are carried out through exchanges . This is because these platforms provide traders with a simple and safe way , Can quickly get in and out of the position , And have sufficient liquidity and fair spread .

And for retail investors , Alternatives such as over-the-counter trading are usually not available .

However , For institutions , Sometimes exchanges are not the best way , Especially in large swap transactions known to counterparties .

Part of the reason is privacy , But also because institutional transactions above average value can drive the market , Make it more difficult to obtain a stable price .

In these cases , Exchanges can be tricky , Therefore, many institutional investors choose to pass  Telegram  And other channels for encrypted transactions .

Although this can alleviate some problems caused by exchange trading , But it also raises a lot of questions about security 、 Settlement time and other issues .

Qredo  Provides a more secure 、 A more direct way to use atomic exchange to solve point-to-point  (P2P)  OTC transaction , And with our decentralized multiparty Computing  (dMPC)  Algorithm based .

Here are  Qredo  How to provide a better structure for private transactions , It will not involve the risks involved in the current business mode .

The service is open to institutional and retail traders , Open professional hosting for all users , And help to comprehensively balance the competitive environment .

Privacy and security

Use  Qredo, You can do it instantly in a large number of encrypted assets  P2P  Atomic exchange , Transactions are protected by the network and minimize the risk of information disclosure .

If you know the details of the counterparty's wallet , You can easily in  Qredo  Enter these details on the platform and trade directly .

without , The transaction can still be completed without this information .  You can use the  Qredo  Set up a transaction on and then share a secure link to trade  P2P, This allows OTC trading through our secure network .

This helps address potential pitfalls associated with counterparties failing to deliver assets , Because the transaction can only be carried out when both parties agree to accept the transaction .

Immediate change of ownership

One of the main problems that people often mention when trading encrypted assets is that it takes a long time for a fully settled transaction .
In some cases , Time to settle a simple transaction between two familiar counterparties ( Usually cost ) It may make it prohibitive to complete the transaction .

Qredo  In the  2  Run on the blockchain infrastructure , This helps to solve the scalability and cost problems that may hinder the availability of traditional platforms such as bitcoin chain .

Smaller point difference

Trading point spread —— The difference between the bid of the asset and the inquiry —— Is one of the most important factors for participants to weigh .

Bid ask spread is usually a function of liquidity .  When there are fewer buyers or sellers willing to make a market in the transaction , The price difference may widen , This will lead to worse transactions for all parties involved .

Through over-the-counter trading , The price is the same , So buyers and sellers can trade safely , Because they know that their assets get a reasonable interest rate , Instead of generating a larger spread through the order book of the exchange .

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