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What activities are supported by the metauniverse to access reality at this stage?

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Usually , When it comes to the meta universe , People think of things like augmented reality  (AR)、 Virtual reality  (VR)  And mixed reality  (MR) And other future technologies . Metauniverse uses the power of technology to create an interactive virtual Internet domain , In this virtual world , People use digital avatars to represent themselves . Although the ultimate vision of the metauniverse is still under development , But at present, the metauniverse has supported and operated some activities in real life .
    Metacosmic concert  
First , Metacosmic concert doesn't mean technology like holograms , For example, when an artist holds a concert in the real world, he will use a laser to create a projection on a glass panel 3D Hologram . The virtual concert taking place in the meta universe cyberspace provides an experience similar to live activities . Because the participants interact in the virtual space , Therefore, even if each participant watching alone can experience the same atmosphere and emotion as the scene .
This attraction continues to receive attention in the music industry , Especially after the global outbreak . Because many live concerts have been cancelled , Revenues in the music industry have been falling , But some artists at the forefront of the times have found ways to bypass restrictions .Travis Scott Wait for famous artists to 2020 year Fortnite A virtual concert was successfully held in the performance , The income is as high as 2000 Thousands of dollars .2021 year 10 month ,Ariana Grande A virtual concert was also held , attracted 7800 More than a million people .
Artists earn money directly by holding concerts in metauniverse , No need to share benefits with third parties . For fans , Travel costs have also been reduced , Virtual venues have unlimited capacity , Free from the restriction of spectator capacity in physical venues . With these advantages , Artists are more likely to attract fans into the meta universe , The idea of interacting with digital avatars will continue to gain momentum .
    Yuan cosmic medicine  
Medical treatment is one of the earliest technologies to form the meta universe (AR/VR) The field of . The world health organization uses AR Technology and smart devices to train coronavirus therapy , Psychiatrists use VR To treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder . Other stakeholders in the medical field are also using VR Technology to train doctors .UConn Health Use Oculus Technology to train students in plastic surgery . Canadian PrecisionOS Software companies have established partnerships with educators , Provide VR Training and orthopedic education modules .
Trainers and trainees use Oculus VR Head mounted equipment to 3D Visualize the procedure and perform different surgical procedures . Virtual space allows learners to make mistakes in operation and get suggestions for improvement . Medical equipment companies also use MR To design the operating room and assemble surgical tools .
    Fitness and games  
The metauniverse provides a series of worlds connected digitally , Players can participate , At present, it mainly appears in the form of games . for example , If the user wants to play basketball without a ball , Then you can get a new experience in the meta cosmic world . mark · Zuckerberg Meta In the brand reshaping event, it took a few minutes to show the future of yuancosmic Fitness , He was in VR It shows excellent solutions for fitness lovers , Including playing basketball and receiving fencing guidance from coaches around the world .
It is worth noting that , Yuan universe games involve various technologies , There are different participation requirements for users . among , The simplest thing is just an Internet connection 、 Mobile devices or PC as well as VR equipment .
The threshold is relatively high , For example, blockchain based P2E Yuan universe game , Users are required to have a blockchain wallet to manage their encrypted assets or props . Players have different wallet options according to the game they choose to play , They can trade virtual items or cryptocurrencies with other players in the game . At present, some popular metauniverse games include Decentraland、Sandbox、Otherlands、Horizon Worlds、Roblox and Fortnite etc. .
    Meta universe bar  
In the real world , Friends have dinner and drink in the bar , Play darts or billiards . With the rise of the meta universe , The business form of bars is also changing , for example Decentraland Medium Miller Lite Meta universe bar . Any user who likes the bar can meet his friends in the virtual environment and watch or enjoy sports events together . Yuan universe bar is equipped with classic bar equipment , Digital instruments include 、 Dart board , You can even click Meta Head portrait . Guests must be at least 21 Years old to enjoy immersive environment and virtual drink experience ,
The only notable difference is that there is no physical drink ( Self provided )
The meta universe bar also has an online and offline hybrid mode , for example DNNR Looking to integrate physical and digital catering , Let users enjoy online and offline life .DNNR It's a by 10000 Members NFT Set of components , go by the name of “Treats”. Members can use the meta universe Restaurant Club and exclusive real restaurants and reception places all over the world , You can also unlock the city through roadmap activation 、 Special collections and other privileges . In its first version ,DNNR by 500 A founding member NFT Provides access to London restaurants , They will enjoy exclusive discounts according to the implementation progress of the project roadmap , Let users have the coolest experience online and offline .
because Meta、 Microsoft 、 The growing popularity and continued support of big companies such as Google and apple , The technology around the meta universe will continue to develop . The primordial universe has begun to change people in medicine 、 Working methods in areas such as education and entertainment . at present , The development of the yuan universe is still in its infancy , It's a long way to go , But there's no denying it , This technology has the potential to change almost all areas .
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