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Key points of acupuncture and moxibustion

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The key points of acupuncture and moxibustion

1. Stabbing 、 Moxibustion 、 The origin of irrigation 、 Form and develop ( A little )

2. The name of nine needles in ancient times 、 Application and therapeutic effect .



Therapeutic effect

The first contact pin

Shallow pricking skin

Purging Yang divides evil Qi 、 Heat release

The second round needle

Massage between meat

Cure the disease between meat

Third needle

Press the outside of the meridians ( Press the pulse and don't sink ) And make evil come out

Treat the weak

The fourth spike

Stab bleeding ( Three edged needle )

Cure carbuncle heat 、 Chronic disease

The fifth beryllium needle

Incision and drainage

Treat carbuncle and abscess that has become pus

The sixth round sharp needle

Sharp thick needle , Used for quick stabbing

Treat acute symptoms of violent arthralgia

The seventh filiform needle

Widely applied , Use it to treat cold, heat, pain and arthralgia

Strengthening the right and expelling evil , Treat common diseases

The eighth long needle

For muscular hypertrophy

Cure deep evil and far arthralgia

The ninth needle

It is used for acupuncture and drainage

Treat joint effusion

3. Local multi acupuncture

Near acupuncture : On the local acupoints of the lesion , First, a straight needle , Another oblique needling next to it is the side needling method .

For obvious tenderness 、 Be fixed 、 Chronic arthralgia and pain , Like a headache 、 Joint pain 、 Muscle fiber

Dimensional histitis 、 Lumbago and backache 、 Heel pain 、 Lumbar hyperplasia, etc .( The so-called treatment of staying arthralgia for a long time )

Qi stabbing method : A needle is directly inserted in the center of the lesion , about ( Or up and down ) The acupuncture method of one needle for each oblique needling .

It is mainly used to treat cold and dampness for a long time 、 Pain point fixation 、 The tenderness is obvious 、 Small range , And lingering arthralgia

Symptoms and pain .( The so-called treatment of cold is small and deep 、 Those who have little or deep Qi )

Yang stab method : It's in the lesion ( Such as pain ) A straight stab in the center , The acupuncture method of stabbing one needle at the top, bottom, left and right .

Applicable to cold evil stagnation 、 Pain caused by blockage of Qi and blood in meridians 、 numb 、 Local swelling , And the lesion range is large 、

Patients with superficial disease . Suitable for rheumatic pain 、 Cutaneous neuritis 、 Soft tissue injury, etc .( The so-called great cure of cold )

Encircle the thorn : It is a multi needle puncture into the center of the lesion , Acupuncture like encircling and suppressing the enemy .

It is used clinically for localized masses 、 Tubercle 、 numb 、 Pain .

4. Deep and shallow needling method of disease location ( Prickly skin 、 Barbed meat )

skin needling 、 Straight needle and half needle —— The method of pricking skin

Split thorn 、 Hegu thorn and floating thorn —— The method of stabbing flesh

Recovery stab and closing stab —— The method of pricking tendons

Short stab and lost stab —— The piercing method

Straight acupuncture : First hold and pinch the skin on both sides of the acupoint , Make it bulge , Then hold the needle along the skin , Deep into the subcutaneous tissue .

“ Straight Needler , The skin is the sting , Those who treat the shallow cold also ”

Straight stabbing : Pierce the needle body vertically into the skin , The needle body and skin are 90° horn .

5. Methods and precautions of eye acupoint acupuncture .

Chengqi 、 Jingming 、 When acupuncture at eye acupoints such as the back of the ball :

① Before inserting the needle , Ask the patient to close their eyes , Push the eyeball away with your left hand and fix it , To fully expose the acupuncture site .

② When inserting the needle , The needle slowly penetrated along the edge of the orbital bone o.3~0.7 " , The deepest depth cannot exceed 1.5 " .

③ After the injection , Generally, it is not mentioned to insert and twist .

④ When the needle comes out , Move gently , Slowly pull out the needle .

⑤ After the injection , Press the pinhole with a sterile dry cotton ball 2~3 minute , Prevent bleeding .

6. Treatment of abnormal acupuncture ( Faint needle 、 pneumothorax )

Faint needle

The phenomenon : During acupuncture , Light people feel mentally tired 、 dizzy , Nausea and vomiting ; The serious person suddenly appears flustered and short of breath , pale , A cold sweat , Cold limbs , The pulse is thin, weak and numerous or deep . Even in a coma , Fall suddenly , Lips are blue and purple , Sweating profusely , Second, incontinence , The pulse is subtle and the desire is absolute .

reason : Emotional tension 、 Vegetarian weakness 、 Overwork 、 hunger 、 Diarrhea 、 Sweating 、 Massive bleeding 、 Improper posture, etc .

Handle : Stop needling immediately , Or stop needle retention , Withdraw all stabbed needles , Help the patient lie flat , Keep your head down , Untie your clothes , Press the first-aid acupoint . After remission, you still need a proper rest .

The prevention of ( A little )

Traumatic pneumothorax caused by acupuncture

Definition : The traumatic pneumothorax caused by acupuncture is that the pointer pierced the chest and injured the lung tissue , Gas accumulates in the chest , This will cause pneumothorax, dyspnea and other phenomena .

The phenomenon : The patient suddenly feels chest tightness 、 Chest pain 、 Shortness of breath 、 palpitation , In severe cases, it is difficult to breathe 、 Cyanosis 、 Cold sweat 、 Fidgety 、 Fear , To a certain extent, blood pressure will drop 、 Shock and other critical phenomena . Check : Widening of costal space on the affected side , The chest is full , Percussion drum sound , Auscultation of lung breathing sound weakened or disappeared , The trachea can be displaced to the healthy side . Such as gas string to the subcutaneous , Affected chest 、 The sound of holding snow can appear on the neck ,X X-ray chest fluoroscopy showed compression of lung tissue .

reason : Mainly acupuncture the chest 、 The acupoints near the back and clavicle are too deep , The needle pierced the chest and hurt the lung tissue , Gas accumulates in the chest and causes pneumothorax .

Handle : Once pneumothorax occurs , The needle should be injected immediately , Take a half recumbent rest , Ask the patient to be calm , Don't turn over in fear . At the same time, keep a close watch on , Symptomatic treatment .

The prevention of : For the chest 、 Acupoints on the back and missing basin , It's best to stab flat or oblique , And should not be too deep , Generally avoid direct stabbing , Do not keep the needle for too long .

7. What is getting angry

The so-called getting angry , It mainly refers to the combination of filiform needle and meridian qi in the process of acupuncture . To be specific , That is, after the filiform needle enters the needle, a certain needling technique is applied , Make the acupuncture points produce acupuncture induction , This kind of acupuncture induction is getting angry . The doctor stabbed his men and felt heavy 、 Reactions such as astringency or body tremor , The patient has acid numbness and heavy swelling at the acupuncture site 、 Hot, cool, itchy, painful or preaching or spreading .

8. Hot tonic method 、 Cool laxative method

Hot tonic method :① The claw cuts into the needle ② After getting angry, the left hand gets worse ③ Twist the thumb of your right hand forward 3~5 Time ( The needle sinks tight , The tip of the needle pulls on the sensing part ) ④ Insert again and lift gently 3~5 Time ⑤ Twist forward 3~5 Time ( Continue to sink under the needle ) ⑥ Take out the needle slowly , Urgent palpation hole

Cool laxative method :① The claw cuts into the needle ② After getting angry, the left hand reduces ③ The thumb of the right hand pushes forward 35 Time , Withdrawal 1 branch ( The tip of the needle is toward the sensing part )④ Light insertion and heavy lifting 35 Time ⑤ Twist back 3~5 Time ( The tip of the needle pulls on the sensing part , The needle is loose and slippery )⑥ Rapid injection , Don't touch the hole .

9. The cans are classified according to the method of suction and extraction : cupping jar 、 pitcher 、 Exhaust pipe

10. Take the pot 、 Clinical application of pricking collaterals and perfusion

Operation method of tank walking method : Apply lubricating oil to the tank before application , Take Vaseline 、 Moisturizer is better , You can also use water or liquid medicine , At the same time, grease the opening of the can . After the can is sucked by flash fire , Hold the bottom of the tank with your hand , Slightly inclined , Push the can along the muscle with a little force 、 The meridians push and pull along the route ( Lift the can slightly in the forward direction , Rear force ), Operate repeatedly until the skin of the tank farm is purplish red .

Clinical application : It can be used to treat acute fever 、 Paralysis, numbness 、 Rheumatism, arthralgia and other diseases .

Clinical application of pricking collaterals and cupping : Applicable to heat syndrome 、 demonstration 、 Excess cold syndrome, blood stasis syndrome and some skin diseases .

11. auricular needling ( Key acupoints )

In the ear : Remove... At the foot of the ear wheel , Earrings 1 District . Indications: hiccup 、 Urticaria , Itchy skin 、 haematemesis .

Tip of ear : At the tip of the upper part of the auricle folded forward , Earrings 6、7 District junction . Indications: fever , High blood pressure , Acute conjunctivitis , Hordeolum , Pain , Rubella , insomnia .

Fengxi : In front of the auricular tubercle , Between wrist and fingers , That is, around the ear 1、2 District junction . Mainly for urticaria 、 Itchy skin , rhinallergosis , asthma .

Sympathetic : At the intersection of the end of the lower foot of the opposite ear wheel and the inner edge of the ear wheel , That is, the opposite ear wheel 6 Go to the front . It is mainly used for gastrointestinal spasm 、 angina pectoris 、 Biliary colic , Renal colic , Autonomic nervous dysfunction , palpitation 、 hyperhidrosis 、 Insomnia, etc .

Divine gate : Behind the triangle 1/3 upper part , The triangular fossa 4 District . Insomnia 、 Abnormal sweating , All kinds of pain , cough , asthma , vertigo 、 High blood pressure 、 Allergic diseases , Withdrawal syndrome

adrenal gland : At the lower tip of the free edge of the tragus , The tragus 2 At the trailing edge of the area . Indications: hypotension , arthritis , mumps , Daytime malaria , Streptomycin toxic vertigo , asthma , shock 、 rhinitis 、 Acute conjunctivitis , pharyngitis , Allergic skin diseases, etc .

Subcortical : On the inner side of the tragus . That is, auricular points 4 District . Mainly for pain , Every other day , Neurasthenia , Pseudomyopia , Gastric ulcer 、 diarrhea 、 High blood pressure , Coronary heart disease (CHD) , Arrhythmias .

renal : Behind the lower foot of the opposite ear wheel , Ear armor 10 District . It is mainly used for low back pain , tinnitus , Neurasthenia , edema , asthma , Enuresis , Menstruation is irregular , spermatorrhea , Impotence , Premature ejaculation , Eye disease , Five more diarrhea .

12. Scalp acupuncture ( I got a good test , Here are the key points that the teacher said in class , See the book for details P136~138)

Midline of forehead : From shenting acupoint , Stab down an inch . It mainly treats mental diseases 、 head 、 nose 、 tongue 、 Eye, throat and other diseases .

Parafrontal 1 Line : Straight to the inner canthus , Hairline 5 Minute is eyebrow Chong acupoint , Stab down an inch . The main treatment of the disease is Shangjiao .

Parafrontal 2 Line : Straight to the pupil , Hairline 5 When you're ready to cry, you'll learn , Stab down an inch . It is mainly used to treat the disease of middle energizer .

Parafrontal 3 Line : Straight to the outer corner of the eye , At Touwei point 0.75 Inch , Hairline 5 Stab an inch down at the parting . It is mainly used to treat the symptoms of lower energizer .

Top center line : Located in the front and rear midline , From Baihui acupoint to Qianding acupoint . It is mainly used for waist, leg and foot diseases .

Anterior parietal temporal oblique line : Head to head temporal , The connecting line from qianshencong point to Xuanli point . It is mainly used for motor dysfunction diseases .

( On 1/5 Treat paralysis of lower limbs , in 2/5 Treat upper limb paralysis , Next 2/5 Treat facial paralysis , Motor aphasia , Drool )

Posterior parietal temporal oblique line : Head to head temporal , That is, the connecting line from Baihui Point to Qubin point . It is mainly used for sensory dysfunction diseases

( On 1/5 Treat paresthesia of lower limbs , in 2/5 Treatment of upper limb paresthesia , Next 2/5 Treat head and face paresthesia )

By the top 1 Line : Outside the parietal midline , Away from it 1.5 " , Stab Chengguang acupoint backward along the meridian 1.5 " . It is mainly used for waist, leg and foot diseases .

By the top 2 Line : By the top 1 The outside of the line is... Away from it 0.75 " , Stab Zhengying acupoint backward along the meridians 1.5 " , It is mainly used for shoulder, arm and hand diseases .

Temporal frontline : Head and temporal , The connecting line from Jiafan acupoint to Xuanli acupoint . Indications: migraine 、 Exercise appetite , Facial paralysis, etc .

Posterior temporal line : Head and temporal , The connecting line from ziruigu point to Qubin point . Indications: migraine 、 vertigo 、 tinnitus 、 Deafness, etc .

Supraoccipital midline : The median vertical line above the occipital external trochanter , The connection from Qiangjian point to naohu point . Treatment of eye diseases 、 Lumbar spondylosis, etc .

Supraoccipital sideline : Parallel to the supraoccipital midline , Away from it 0.5 A straight line at an inch .

Suboccipital side line : Head restraint , On both sides below the occipital tuberosity 2 An inch long vertical line , From Yuzhen point to Tianzhu point , It mainly treats cerebellar diseases

Symptoms of balance disorder caused by disease , Backache, etc .

13. The angle of acupuncture .

Needle entry angle : Straight stab 90° Oblique stab 45° about Horizontal stab 15° about

14. Moxibustion

Clinical application of ginger separated moxibustion : Warm 、 dispel cold 、 Stop vomiting 、 The effect of relieving the surface , For colds 、 vomiting 、 diarrhea 、 Diarrhea 、 spermatorrhea 、 Impotence 、 Premature ejaculation 、 Infertility 、 Dysmenorrhea 、 Facial paralysis and wind cold dampness arthralgia .

Mild moxibustion : Light one end of the moxa roll , Aim at the acupuncture point or affected area that should be moxibustion , About to the skin 23cm, Smoke and roast , It is appropriate to make the patient feel warm without burning pain , Generally, moxibustion at each point 2030 minute , Until the skin is ruddy and moist . Widely applied .

Whirling moxibustion : Light the moxa stick , Hang above the moxibustion site for about 3cm High . The moxa stick moves from left to right above the moxibustion site or rotates repeatedly for moxibustion treatment , Make the skin feel warm without burning . Generally, moxibustion at each point 20~30 minute .

Used for wind cold dampness arthralgia and paralysis

Bird pecking moxibustion : Place the ignited moxa stick above the acupoint for about 3cm High , Moxa sticks fall together , Move up and down from near to far , Like a bird pecking . Generally, moxibustion at each point 5 minute .

For first aid in fainting , Pediatric diseases 、 The position of the fetus is not right 、 No milk, etc .

Other possible exam contents

1. Exercise acupuncture ( Interactive acupuncture )

Definition : Exercise acupuncture , It's after the needle pricks , While the doctor implements the technique , Know that the affected area or corresponding part of the patient's activity will , A method of acupuncture therapy to mobilize the potential of patients .

Operation method :

Acupuncture method : When the needle gets angry , Implement corresponding needling techniques 12 minute ; then , Instruct the patient to move the affected area ,510 Minutes later, acupuncture was performed again . When implementing acupuncture manipulation , From weak to strong , And observe the patient's reaction at any time , To prevent needle fainting . The needle retention time depends on the situation .

Activity affected area or related area : neck 、 shoulder 、 arm 、 The waist 、 leg 、 Wrist 、 ankle 、 Flexion and extension of toes and other parts 、 Rotation is the main , Like walking 、 Raise your arms , Fine hand movements, etc . eye 、 oral cavity 、 Anus and other parts are dominated by their physiological activities , If swallowed , Knock 、 Constriction of anus, etc .

Their pronunciation is mainly dysfunctional ; Diseases such as viscera or chest and abdomen are mainly chest or abdominal deep breathing .

Acupoint selection principle : Acupoints are mainly taken from afar . Generally, the disease is taken from the top , The disease is above the lower area , The disease is from the left to the right , The disease is on the left of the right area , Take the disease out of the .

Clinical application : Shoulder periarthritis, take a piece of mouth through Chengshan , Move your shoulders at the same time .

2. Acupoint penetrating needling : Refers to the penetration of a needle into 2 One or more acupoints , A way to treat diseases .

Clinical application : Yanglingquan penetrates yinlingquan to cure knee pain 、 Biliary tract diseases Hanging bell through Sanyinjiao to treat migraine

Taixi penetrates Kunlun to treat kidney deficiency toothache 、 Heel pain Treatment of thoracic and hypochondriac contusion through internal and external Guan

Go up to the star and penetrate the divine court to treat nasal congestion Baihuitou Qianding treats epilepsy

Dicang toujia car cures mouth and eye deviation Zhongzhu liquid permeability gate treats arm swelling and pain

Shenshu penetrates Zhi room to treat low back pain

3. Clinical application of garlic separated moxibustion : It has detumescence 、 Detoxification 、 Loose knot 、 Analgesic effect , For treating carbuncle 、 Gangrene 、 Sore 、 The unruly boil , Pulmonary tuberculosis 、 Abdominal mass and injuries caused by snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects .

Salt separated moxibustion : There is Huiyang 、 Salvation 、 The function of fixation and desorption . Moxibustion with Aconite cake : It has the function of warming the kidney and strengthening Yang .

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