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New signs are taking place in the Internet industry, and a new transformation has begun

2022-05-15 07:11:34Internet Chronicles

   A new evolution of the Internet returning to the industry is being staged . More and more players begin to bid farewell to the platform mode in the simple sense , By finding a combination point with the real economy to achieve new development . The founders of many star internet companies have faded out one after another , Transformation of many Internet enterprises , Are vividly proving this for us . meanwhile , New signs are taking place in the Internet industry , A new transformation begins .
   If we find a footnote for such a transformation , Bid farewell to the classic platform mode , Return to the industry itself , Return to industry itself , Find yourself and the real economy , Ways and methods of combining real industries , It is undoubtedly the most appropriate . This is actually the inevitable development of the Internet . Because I experienced PC After the baptism of era and mobile Internet era ,C The needs of end users have undergone a profound and comprehensive change , Under the current situation , People no longer need matchmaking and docking in a simple sense , But more care is to get specialized new products . In order to meet the upgraded needs .
   How to help the industry upgrade , How to realize the transformation of industry , Become a new air outlet and direction . In the process , It's impossible to just use the Internet to disintermediate . What we need , Every Internet player joins in the big wave of industrial reform , Through deep empowerment of entity enterprises , Realize the change of production mode and method in the upper reaches of the industry , Derive new products and services , In order to meet the new needs of users .
   In depth analysis of this new change , We'll find out , Its underlying logic is essentially different from the Internet model in the classical sense . Recognize this difference , And find the right development model suitable for the era of industrial Internet , Can we really take the industrial Internet away from the strange circle of consumer Internet , Really enter their own new era .
   Industrial Internet , The essence is 「 industry 」 And 「 Internet 」 Fusion
   When the concept of industrial Internet sprouted , People's views on the industrial Internet are still primitive and simple . At that time , People just regard the players of the industrial Internet as a person who can empower the real industry 「 Zhongtai 」. Find ways and means to empower physical enterprises , Help the transformation and upgrading of real enterprises , It is the ultimate pursuit of almost all players . What we see is that , The emergence of many concepts represented by new retail , It was born under such thinking .
   There is no denying that , By transforming objects from C End to B End , Indeed, it can bring some development space to the development of Internet players , You can even find new business models . However , If in-depth analysis , We'll find out , This development model dominated by empowerment and transformation , It is still an Internet style traffic thinking , It's just that we change the object of traffic from C The end is transferred to B It's just the end .
   Predictably enough , Just in such a way and method , Can't bring long-term development , Wait until the flow peaks , This development model dominated by empowerment and transformation is bound to fall into a dead end . In depth analysis of the root causes of this strange circle , We'll find out , It didn't come true 「 industry 」 and 「 Internet 」 The deep fusion of the two elements , Just will 「 industry 」 and 「 Internet 」 Placed on opposite levels , That is the fundamental reason why the industrial Internet has always been unable to achieve breakthrough development .
   in fact , The real industrial Internet , What needs to be achieved is 「 industry 」 and 「 Internet 」 The deep fusion of the two elements , take 「 industry 」 and 「 Internet 」 So two completely different concepts merge together , Form a new whole . When the industrial Internet era really takes shape , There will be no physical industry and Internet industry in the strict sense , They realize that you have me , I have a new relationship with you . Under this new relationship , What we have seen in the past is the opposite 、 Dual economic form , Will be paid one yuan , Replaced by a new economic form of integration .

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